Eddie Hassell dead at 30 after being shot in a suspected carjacking

Actor Eddie Hassell, who starred in The Kids Are All Right and NBC’s Surface, dies at 30 after being shot.

Eddie Hassell starred in the Oscar-nominated movie The Kids Are All Right, and NBC’s Surface was found dead from a gunshot in Texas Sunday morning. The entertainer was 30.

His delegates told Variety that Hassell was shot during what appears to be a carjacking. The episode is as yet under investigation. It isn’t clear where in Texas, the supposed shooting occurred.

Right now, his team is trying to investigate on getting more information. There are quite a  few other details that have to be worked on right now, and it’s not clear where the exact incident took place or what led up to it. But still, his officials confirmed the report that the actor has tragically passed away.

Meanwhile, Hassell’s girlfriend shared a post on Instagram shortly after his death, sharing a series of photos of them.

Hassell’s life story

Hassell was born in 1990 in Corsicana, Texas. He earned himself quite a few important supporting roles, including jobs in the aforementioned Surface and Devious Maids. However, he was never really been a leading man in Hollywood.

Moreover, the actor has also cast in a few of the high-profile roles in The Kids Are All Right, Family Weekend, and multiple other projects, along with films like Bomb City, Longmire, Jobs, Bones, Southland, Warrior Road, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Bomb City won the audience award that year for best narrative feature at the Dallas International Film Festival in 2017.

He also received the most recent credit for the 2017 film Oh Lucy! in which he showed up as a waiter.

Eddie’s love for skating

Eddie was not only an actor, but he had also written and published a book during his short time on this earth.

In 2009, he wrote a book, “Someone Should Tell You: Startling Revelations and Truths to Help You Understand and Improve Your Life,” which got published and hit the bookshelves in stores.

It was written to help young people make important life decisions by showing practice guidance and advice found within the bible.

Eddie Hassell was an avid surfer and skateboarder beyond acting. In an interview with Elle, Hassell said that Skateboarding has always been a huge part of his life that has got him to cast in commercials. He also added that he was into horseback riding and rodeos in Texas.

Image courtesy of CBS Los Angeles/YouTube Screenshot

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