Eddie Redmayne deemed J.K. Rowling’s critics ‘absolutely disgusting’

Eddie Redmayne deemed J.K. Rowling's critics 'absolutely disgusting'

Eddie Redmayne disagreed with J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans comments.

J.K. Rowling broke the headlines earlier in June when she posted a series of “anti-trans” statements on social media. One of the celebrities who expressed their disagreements toward the Harry Potter author was Eddie Redmayne.

Alongside several Harry Potter alums, the Fantastic Beast lead actor “stood in solidarity” with the trans community. But, despite disagreeing with “Jo’s comments,” the actor thinks that netizens have expressed “harsh” movements toward the author, according to Us Weekly.

The “vitriol” shocked Eddie Redmayne

Eddi Redmayne shared that he has several trans friends and colleagues. He added that they are having challenges when it comes to their human rights, noting that they are also facing discrimination “on a daily basis.”

The "vitriol" shocked Eddie Redmayne But while he opposed J.K. Rowling’s previous comments on the issue, the “vitriol” that emerged against her alarmed the 38-year-old actor, according to the Daily Mail. He even deemed it “absolutely disgusting,” causing him to pen a private note for the Harry Potter author.

However, Redmayne emphasized that the “insults” to the trans community on social media are “equally disgusting.” He said that these are “devastating” as the “hideous torrent of abuse” towards trans continues today.

About J.K. Rowling’s comments

Amid the Pride Month, J.K. Rowling emphasized the phrase “people who menstruate,” which she obtained from an article that she shared on her Twitter account. She also captioned the post, noting that there “used to be” a word for these people.

Following her post, several netizens slammed her on the platform, including high-profile celebrities. Many individuals also expressed their concern for the trans community and stood by them throughout the debacle.

Celebrities, like Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and other Harry Potter stars, including Eddie Redmayne, shared their own thoughts about how they disagree with Rowling’s comments.

Redmayne said that he wanted to make it clear where he stands. He noted that he has worked with both the Harry Potter author and some members of the trans community. He continued that he disagrees with Rowling’s comments, adding that “trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary identities are valid.”

Later on, the actor stated that trans simply want to live their lives in a peaceful way. “It’s time to let them do so,” he said.

Eddie Redmayne also released a statement to Us Weekly in the same month. He shared that respect for trans remains as a “cultural imperative.” The actor then revealed that he has continued to educate himself over the years.

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