Eddie Van Halen: Rock legend succumbs to cancer 

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen, the guitar genius whose amazing musical talent drove his band Van Halen to popularity, has died. He was 65.

His son, Wolfgang, announced the sad news on Oct. 7 via social media. He revealed that his father, Eddie Van Halen, lost his battle with throat cancer.

Wolfgang said that he couldn’t believe he has to write such a message of announcing his father’s passing. He showed how heartbroken he is by saying that he doesn’t think he will ever fully recover from the loss.

“He was the best father I could ask for,” part of Wolfgang’s tweet reads. “Every moment I’ve shared with him on and off stage was a gift.”

Eddie Van Halen and his achievements

He has been known as an ultimate rock star who put the rock genre at the top by besting the disco type of music in the 70s.

His band’s debut album titled 1984 was a total hit, and it offered classic rock tunes like Hot for Teacher, Jump, and Panama.

As per CNN News, Eddie Van Halen and his brother Alex started performing together when they were teenagers. They later formed the Van Halen band after meeting David Lee Roth.

The rock band released over a dozen albums in more than four decades that they had been active in the music scene.

Van Halen is included in the top 20 bestselling artists of all time, and in 2007, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

As a guitarist, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Eddie Van Halen as no. 8 in its list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

His expertise in playing the guitar played a big part in the band’s popularity, sold-out tours, and platinum albums.

What made him a real musical genius is the fact that he can play any instrument despite the fact that he could not read music.

Eddie’s personal background

Eddie Van Halen was a classical pianist, but he was most known for creating unique guitar riffs in the history of rock music.

He was one of the best American guitarists, but he is actually a Dutch immigrant. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but his family moved to Pasadena, California in 1962.

His Dutch father was a musician who plays the piano, saxophone, and clarinet while his mother is an Indonesian woman.

Eddie Van Halen married Valerie Bertinelli in 1981, but they divorced in 2007. They had a son, Wolfgang, who is now Van Halen’s bassist. He married Janie Liszewski in 2009, but they didn’t have a child.

Finally, in his obituary, it was noted that if Aerosmith was the biggest hard rock band in the 70s, Van Halen took over and was the best in the 80s. The band recorded over 80 million album sales worldwide.

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