‘Edens Zero’ Episode 15: Will Shiki kill Jamilov?

Edens Zero Episode 15

Fans are now looking forward to seeing Edens Zero Episode 15 after two Homuras face each other.

The previous episode revealed Edens Zero Episode 15 official title, “Great Kaiju Shiki.” So, fans probably have an idea what will happen here.

The Unfolding of a Much-Awaited Story

Episode 14 ended with the fight between the two Homuras. Now, fans are hoping the real Homura did not betray Shiki.

If it does, it will surely break a lot of fans’ hearts when they see it. Everyone is hoping the real Homura can bring the fake one down.

According to Epic Dope, Jamilov will make a move to push Shiki to fight him. If this happens, he will surely go berserk.

If he starts to wreak havoc, he may beat Jamilov until life comes out of him. However, if he does this, he will turn to be Drakken Joe’s enemy.

Episode 14 Recap

In Edens Zeo Episode 14, titled “The Girl on the Hill,” Shiki and his friends realized Hermit was in an enigmatical condition because of psychological trauma.

Witch learned her mind was left in the planet Digitals, which a physical body could not access.

So, Shiki and the group brought their consciousness to planet Digitals to get Hermit. Shiki faced Jamilov after he learned he killed NPCs and Humans without an inch of regret.

Homura then chose to be with Jamilov’s side.

Draken told Shiki that Maria wanted to see them all screaming and crying. He then suddenly disappeared and Rebecca revealed his plans were in the real world.

Pino said Draken logged out, OtakuKart News noted. Though the crew realized they just met a bad guy, they had to continue their mission to retrieve Hermit’s mind.

Rebecca wanted Hermit to return to normal as soon as possible so that they could leave this place before Draken returned.

When the citizens arrived, some came out from their hidden places. They, too, were hiding from Draken.

The seniors then thanked Shiki and the rest of the group for helping them get rid of Draken.

Shiki felt sad that the people thought Draken would never return, so he cleared the enemy left on his own.

Though he might still come back, they started to celebrate the thought that someone stood up against the enemy.

Weisz then told them they were looking for a girl named Hermit. A lady then revealed that there was a woman who was always on a hill.

Edens Zero Episode 15 will be out Sunday, July 18, on Netflix and Hulu.

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