‘Edens Zero’ Episode 9: Can Shiki save Rebecca?

Edens Zero Episode 9

Edens Zero Episode 9, titled “Planet Guilst,” may reveal the aftermath of Rebecca’s abduction.

Blue Garden’s B-Cuber has been taken to Planet Guilts and Shiki now knows her whereabouts. Now, will Shiki save Rebecca in Edens Zero Episode 9?

The Abduction of Rebecca

Rebecca has been kidnapped, which makes Shiki truly mad. Now that the latter knows what happened, he is about to attack Planet Guilst.

Shiki will do everything to rescue and save Rebecca. He may even get the help of Weisz in Edens Zero Episode 9, Epic Dope noted.

Shiki needs to gather the Demon King’s Four Shining Stars, so he will be meeting Sister.

The latter is on Planet Guilst and he will do his best to get her on his side and be his ally.

Shiki now knows that he and Elsie are connected through Ziggy, the former Demon King.

He also has the Demon King’s warship, Edens Zero, under his command after gaining its ownership.

The Witch has now restored the warship to its original form and told Shiki to use it to its full capabilities.

Will he use it in saving Rebecca on Planet Guilst?

Episode 8 Recap

Shik received the ship from Elsie after proving himself worthy of the previous Demon King’s vessel.

The crew started sailing and talked about the Interstellar Warship, also known as Edens Zero.

Rebecca said the boat seemed to be a villain itself, but they were all okay with that, per OtakuKart News.

Pino and Happy revealed that the vessel was initially a Pirate’s ship before it became the Demon King’s boat.

The Witch looked at Shiki and admitted she was waiting for this day to come.

She then unveiled that Shiki was Demon King’s grandchild and he was the Great Demon King.

She declared him as the new Demon King and Eden Zero’s king himself had returned in him.

However, though the ship had returned to its original form, its true strength had yet to come back.

Shiki wondered what the Witch meant when she said “true power.” She then reminded him that he was leaving Sakura Cosmos to look for “Mother.”

Happy then asked how the Witch knew about it, to which the latter explained that she heard every discussion aboard the ship.

This only meant that the Witch could control and manage Edens Zero.

What happens next can be seen when Edens Zero Episode 9 drops on Sunday, June 6.

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