‘Edens Zero’ second cour will introduce new major character, ending theme


Edens Zero is now preparing for its second cour’s beginning in the upcoming Sumer 2021 release line-up.

Shiki Granbell will return, of course, along with Rebecca Bluegarden and her cat Happy, in Edens Zero. They will be along with a new cast addition and ending theme that the franchise earlier drops.

Latest Additions to the Series

According to Comicbook, there will be some changes happening in the second cour of the series.

Aside from the coming of a new major character, a new ending theme will also be added.

These two new additions are going to be seen in the upcoming Edens Zero Episode 13.

This will mark the halfway of the anime’s episode order.

The new ending theme will be titled “Secret of the World,” performed by Sayuri.

On the other hand, the new character coming is Hermet Mio. She is one of the titular Edens Zero ship’s four pillars and will play a significant character in the series.

The My Daughter and I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord voice actress Kanon Takao will voice Hermet.

Episode 13 Spoilers and Episode 12 Recap

In Edens Zero Episode 13, the crew may finally realize that something is wrong with Hermit, The Cinemaholic noted.

She seems to be always in sleep mode, so the group may enter the super virtual world Digitals to have her fixed.

In Episode 12, the chaos started after Chronophage rapidly approached Guilst. Lucky for some, they managed to leave the planet aboard their spaceships, but others were left.

Rebecca and Pino waited for Shiki and others to come, but Mechdrasil suddenly started growing fast.

It destroyed all the century-old cities. Fortunately, the crew managed to escape before the Chronophage swallowed the planet as a whole and ate 1,200 years of its time.

Everything returned to its greenery and wildlife. As the Interstellar Union officers talked about the tragedy, they revealed the notorious criminal Drakken Joe managed to survive.

Homura also told others that she had inherited Valkyrie’s ether gear. She, along with Weisz, then later joined the crew.

The mercenary Mosco also made an appearance and he was revealed to be Eden Zero’s caretaker.

He was with Sister, but the fake one caught him and changed his program. Rebecca learned that her popularity incredibly increased, thanks to the B-Cubers who called her their savior.

The episode ended with the crew finding a new member of the Four Shining Stars, Hermit.

Fans are about to officially meet her on the release of Edens Zero Episode 13 on Sunday, July 4.

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