Eero-6 mesh routers announced: Amazon’s boost for Work From Home era

Last year, Amazon introduced the mesh technology-based router called Eero. One year later, Amazon has brought two more Eero routers this year: the Eero 6 and  Pro 6.

As the name of the Eero-6 router suggests, they are compatible with the latest WiFi-6, the latest and fastest version of wifi. These two new mesh routers will provide you all with better advancement in wifi technology.

The latest WiFi-6 is advanced with a fast internet connection and helps provide an immediate response to every work.

What Company has to say:

“Customers need reliable home wifi now more than ever, “said Eero co-founder and CEO Nick Weaver. “Many of us are working from home, helping kids with online learning, keeping in touch with friends and family, and streaming and gaming in 4K– often at the same time. The Eero 6 series is the fastest Eero Series yet, giving our customers the speed and reliability of WiFi-6 at an affordable price.”

Resilient features of Eero-6

Dual-band three-piece system wifi will cost you around $279, and the price cost is $30 more than of the previous year. Eero is available in a two-piece and single-piece system. A two-piece Eero system will cost around $199, whereas a single Eero-6 will cost $129.

For a normal workload or home-based work, the dual-band two-piece system is beneficial. If you are looking for an immediate response to heavy loaded work, the three-piece system will prove helpful.

Eero’s mesh network provides a reliable ambiance for work purposes and has a good track record. For multiple devices, a more robust and reliable is required, which is fulfilled by using Eero-6 mesh network wifi.

The additional features which the customers can make use of are OFDMA and 1024QAM. These features make the network connectivity more reliable and robust. These features are best suited for those places where multiple devices have to connect for several works.

Speaking of speed, Eero-6 is designed to provide better internet connections for homes with a speed of up to 500Mbps. Amazon and Eero seem more interested in keeping this system, best for wifi- 6 picks.

Bottomline of the Eero-6

Eero also claims to provide a secured home environment with regular, automatic security updates for all Eero devices.

The approach will continue with all the new routers, and the Company will also provide advanced privacy and parental control features just for $2.99 per month. This feature makes Eero a WiFi-6 value pick.

A new Eero Secure Subscription will also you to keep one password for your wifi router. This will protect the internet connection, and nothing will breach its privacy security.

Image courtesy of Mike Mareen/Shutterstock

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