‘Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’ reaches $2.6 Kickstarter funding, brings in full orchestra

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes boss fight snapshot

In just days after initiating a crowdsourcing campaign via Kickstarter, the funding for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has already reached the $2.6 million stretch goal, subsequently adding full orchestra music as part of the game.

In light of the met goal, veteran musicians from across the industry will become integral to the creation of the game’s soundtrack. These composers will include Motoi Sakuraba (Golden Sun, Baten Kaitos, etc.), Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms series), and the likely participation of Procyon Studio.

More Features to Unlock

Still far from being completely financed, the game’s Kickstarter page shows three more stretch goals. Two of which already revealed at $2.7 million and $2.75 million stretch goals, with their own descriptions. Meeting the amounts will unlock Party Conversations and an additional character named Mellore, respectively.

If met, Player Conversations will give the game a discourse among party members, giving players a view of the interrelationship among them. Equally as important, each discussion will also shed light as to the persona of each party member. Whether it’s through heated conversation, disagreement, etc., there’s always something that can be unveiled via party conversations.

Inspired after the character she saw from her father’s books, Mellore pursues the path of a mage. Already at 104 heroes on its current funding, the addition of this “pretty soldier” will raise that count to 105.

A Paramount Spiritual Successor

The Suikoden series, to which Eiyuden Chronicles will be a spiritual successor to, is popular for its large roster of heroes and music. But if this developing title is to surpass its precursor, it had to be better significantly.

One of the developer’s focus in making a better spiritual follow-up appears to be in the gameplay department. Which, upon closer inspection, seems to have more depth in it than just a simple turn-based RPG.

While still adhering to a tried-and-tested formula, the developers appear keen in adding more into the gameplay mix. This time, by adding a diverse environment that serves special purposes which players can leverage.

For instance, snipers and mages work best in dishing out long-distance attacks. This makes these two classes at their best in places with high elevations.

Mages also affects the environment, too, depending on the type of spell they cast. Fire can burn grasses that can leave a once verdant field scorched. Earthquakes can alter the ground by shattering the field.

Furthermore, supporting classes can choose to hide and cover in order to perform better supportive roles for the entire party.

More exciting stuff to uncover as Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes continues its crowdsourcing campaign.

Image used courtesy of Gematsu/YouTube Screenshot

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