‘Elder Scrolls 6’ is in “design phase”, says Todd Howard

Elder Scrolls 6 game director Todd Howard reveals that the game is still in its design phase, noting that the game will likely benefit from upcoming Starfield tech.

In an interview, Howard talks about Elder Scrolls 6 and notes that the game is in early stages of design. He details that the game coming after Starfield is beneficial – that it will receive tech improvements from Creation Engine 2.

Creation Engine 2 will be useful for ES6

Back in 2018, Bethesda released a teaser for ES6, with the game in pre-production at the time. Even then, Starfield was ahead of it in the release schedule. The fantasy space title has a clear release date now, with the game coming out next year.

In his interview, Howard details their work on both titles right now. From what it seems, Bethesda is looking to build technology using Starfield as prototype. Howard notes that the sci-fi title should help make ES6 better.

“The [new Starfield] technology, Creation Engine 2, is sort of built for both. It’s like a new tech base,” said Howard. “The vast majority of our development work is on Starfield right now but everybody works on everything so the projects kind of intertwine.

“It’s good to think of The Elder Scrolls 6 as still being in a design [phase]… but we’re checking the tech: ‘Is this going to handle the things we want to do in that game?’ Every game will have some new suites of technology so Elder Scrolls 6 will have some additions on to Creation Engine 2 that that game is going to require.”

Starfield is top priority for now

Around middle of last year, Bethesda execs are adamant that Starfield will be the focus first. News of Elder Scrolls 6 should release only after Starfield is complete. Bethesda SVP of marketing Pete Hines, in particular, asked fans to manage expectations.

“It’s after Starfield, which you pretty much know nothing about. So if you’re coming at me for details now and not years from now, I’m failing to properly manage your expectations,” Hines said in a tweet.

Starfield will feature a full engine overhaul, using their very own Creation Engine 2. Following their acquisition by Microsoft, Howard is pushing all-new tech into the game. This tech should power ES6 too once it’s in full development.

“Now that everything is official, we can begin working together to deliver more great games to everyone,” said Howard in an Xbox blog. “At every step building toward this moment, I’ve been inspired and motivated by the creativity, insight, and community-first approach of the talented people at Bethesda.”

There is still scant details about Elder Scrolls 6. If we believe Bethesda, there shouldn’t be a ton of information on it apart from leaks.

Featured image courtesy of Bethesda Softworks/Youtube Screenshot

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