Electronic Arts has 14 games for upcoming fiscal year


Electronic Arts is starting to get busy as they announced 14 more games up for release. In its Q4 2020 financial results conference, EA said it plans to release games up to March 2021.

Electronic Arts is also looking to release more of its games on the Nintendo Switch. The Redwood, California game company under-utilized the platform so far. The company is yet to show any strong support for the mobile handheld console.

EA ready to release 14 games for fiscal year

In their fiscal call, the EA team flaunted as many as 14 titles for this coming fiscal year. The entire list will include many of its annuals, including its Madden, NHL, and FIFA games. The company will also include games like Burnout Paradise for Switch, mobile games, and Command and Conquer Remastered.

Four games will go out this fiscal year under the EA Originals label. These games are a testament to Electronic Arts’ earlier statement about supporting more indie games. EA Originals are more experimental in nature, and many are likely going to the Switch.

Medal of Honor VR is ready to come out soon, together with more mobile games. For example, EA recently released its Plants vs. Zombies 3 game for mobile under a soft launch.

Amidst the new titles, EA is also renewing its commitment to its current live games and services. These titles include their EA Access, The Sims 4, and Apex Legends. EA Chief executive officer Andrew Wilson says he plans to grow communities “across new platforms and ways to play.” He further noted:

“Building on our announcement with Google Stadia last week, we plan to bring our games to more digital distribution channels. We’ll take our subscription service to a fourth platform in Steam.”

EA Access with Valve can business for the company

One of the critical areas for EA’s renewed zeal is its upcoming EA Access on Steam. The company’s subscription plan has been around for PS4 and Xbox One since 2014.

Their recent partnership with Valve reinvigorates their lineup, away from their problematic Origin Access. The expected connection can help expose Steam players to EA’s $5 subscription service. With Steam’s millions of active players, EA is ready to get people into their library.

EA and Respawn also announced Apex Legends Season 5 today. The season dubs itself “Fortune’s Favor” and will return players to King’s Canyon.

The closest game that Electronic Arts will release soon is going to be Burnout Paradise Remastered for the Switch. It will retail under a hefty $50 price tag, which is big for a game that came out in 2018.

Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts/Official Website

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