Electronic Arts patents new Battle Pass System

Electronic Arts shareholders reject giving execs more money

Electronic Arts, the infamous master of microtransactions, is looking to patent a new type of Battle Pass System, offering better, more custom rewards to players.

From a new patent information discovered by GameRant, Electronic Arts seems to be looking for a type of multi-tier, multi-layer Battle Pass. Rather than the usual linear progression, it seems EA is looking for something that will players deeper.

New system to allow different progression paths

Battle Pass systems are among the most common ways to generate rewards and sell premium passes. Among the many games that have this includes almost every modern FPS title and most mobile games.

Titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty feature well-known linear models. Some others, like PUBG Mobile, try to create forks within the Battle Pass. These give players several choices for their rewards.

Most Battle Passes offer cosmetic rewards, usually armor, clothing, or costume. Higher ranks give a better looking reward, including XP bonuses. These still require players to grind heavily via daily missions.

From the report, it seems EA is pushing these further. Known as Seasonal Reward Distribution System, the patent is looking to give more choices to players. The system will likely give multiple paths, reminiscent of skill trees and even Final Fantasy’s sphere grids.

SRDS will let players choose rewards that they want more

The idea of the upcoming Electronic Arts SRDS patent is to create several branching paths. It’s nothing new, reported around March last year. Even then, it’s only this month that the patent published.


Players will have the choice to go through segregated paths that will focus more on things they prefer. For example, a use case of this will be a Battle Pass branch that focuses more on weapon skins. These are great for those who already have costumes and character skins.

On the flipside, other paths may focus on character skins, which is great for new players. This will allow premium players to pick what they want, rather than getting things they dislike.

For those who don’t like cosmetics, a third path can offer minor resources for the game. These could be XP boosts, modifiers, and even lottery cards. Of course, everything will still depend on the game and what the devs want to achieve.

Another upcoming feature seems to be a Gold Pass layer to the system. On top of the actual premium Battle Pass, Gold Pass will unlock more rewards for extra microtransactions. These, of course, are there to generate more money for EA.

The patent for the Electronic Arts Battle Pass dated May 13, 2021, so it’s virtually new. It’s likely that this patent will not be for use any time soon, especially with the company’s upcoming titles.

Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts/Youtube Screenshot
Images courtesy of United States Patent Office/Official Document

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