Electronic Arts vows to do more in the fight against toxicity

Electronic Arts vows to do more in the fight against toxicity

Video game giant Electronic Arts launched its new “Positive Play Charter” in a bid to combat negative behavior across all its titles.

American video game company Electronic Arts (EA) has been on a moral mission as of late, as they’ve committed to an inclusivity and diversity campaign, empowered accessibility, and even launched environmental sustainability protocols.

They don’t plan on stopping there either. EA recently introduced their “Positive Play Charter” in an attempt to lessen toxicity and encourage safe and fair play across all their video games.

What the Electronic Arts Positive Play Charter is all about

EA’s Positive Play Charter is a set of guidelines extending to all their games and services, designed to create a fun, fulfilling experience for both gaming newbies and veterans. The initiative can be summed up in four rules:

  • Treat others they would like to be treated
  • Keep things fair
  • Share clean content
  • Follow local laws

The aforementioned guidelines are already part of EA’s User Agreement, allowing them to take action against any account holders who exhibit illegal activities, cheating, and/or toxic behaviors and content.

Treat others they would like to be treated

This rule is meant to crack down on toxic behaviors targeted towards other players, which include remarks about race, religion, and sexual orientation, etc. The rule also encompasses uninvited advances of sexual nature.

EA encourages their players to create an environment of respect, and not to hesitate to contact them to provide feedback or for valid reporting purposes.

According to the official post on their website, players looking to stay away from trouble should avoid: being a “jerk”—Yes, that’s actually part of their official guidelines—pretending to be somebody else, and abusing reports.

Keep things fair

A fairly straightforward guideline that ensures that the game is played the way it’s meant to be played, free from any cheats, exploits, and bug abuse that may help players get an advantage over their opponents or purposely make things more difficult for other players.

EA also prohibits the buying and selling of in-game currency, and the buying, selling, trading, or transferring of accounts.

Share clean content

This rule essentially forbids the uploading of inappropriate content, which includes anything excessively offensive, as well as spamming and the sending of corrupt files, all of which can negatively impact the user experience.

Overly swearing is also prohibited, even trying to hide foul language using symbols since, according to EA, they “all k*** what you’re trying to s**.”

Follow local laws

Last, and certainly not the least, avoid breaking any of the local laws in the area and report any illegal activities and behaviors.

Consequences of breaking the rules may result in suspensions or restrictions and, in the case of repeat offenders or more severe cases, may also end in a permanent ban to the user’s EA account.

EA isn’t the only one cracking down on toxicity, as an overwhelming amount of League of Legends players have also voiced their concerns about increased in-game negative behavior, forcing developer Riot Games to take action.

Image courtesy of EA/Twitter

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