Elistair announces €5 million series B round to accelerate its international expansion


Automated tethered drones to defend military bases, surveil boundaries and provide collateral for major events.

From Omnes and Starquest Capital, a tethered drones’ business leader BOSTON and LYON from France has raised and supported €5M.

The Series B tour served an introductory €2M funding in 2018. Following its origination in 2014, military troops and federal security agencies raised Elistair’s resolutions in more than 65 countries.

Elistair includes social protection and defense businesses amongst its clients, granting them two licensed merchandise ranges: an automated tethered drone: Orion 2, and fastener channels can transform free-flying drones into tethered drones.

Elistair to quicken its expansion

With this, it can catch transports that are over 6 miles away. The Orion 2 drone works as an airborne surveillance column. It essentially expands the field of vision of amputating efficiencies and diminishing unsafe entry points.

 Orion 2 provides precise and live erudition critical for frontier surveillance and camouflage of margins and events. Besides, it is used to extend tactical signaling networks. This significantly raises military radios’ scope and coverage.

Elistair has resolved the dilemma of drones’ unsatisfactory battery life. It further presents reliable information transfer within the drone and its engineer through the rope. It implies that the camera pasture cannot be saturated and gives assurance against hacking and other meddling.

The Elistair CEO, Guilhem de Marliave, has said that his tethered drones allow systems on the ground to extend their field of vision (FoV). Their understanding of their surroundings during enforcement is frequently a significant factor.

He also added that the funding round would allow him to fortify his range of commodities for the NS and defense sections and control the substantial number of orders from recent months. 

International ubiquity and expenditure in R&D

The authenticity and sturdiness of Elistair’s goods have previously received acceptance in the United States, where the corporation manages over 40% of its market. Next, freeing a Boston subsidiary, the French start-up will be expanding its generation capacity to support its niche in the American market while augmenting its residence in the European market.

Elistair is about to launch a campaign to hire proximately 20 characters for its Lyon and Boston places. The purpose is to preserve its original strategy – a blend of technological modernization and understanding of circumstances in the field.

Elistair is a renowned name on the tethered drone bourse that is still a relatively new market but snowballing. Guilhem and Timothée have demonstrated an impressive execution capacity from the outset, and the company displays a rare level of business maturity after only a few years in operation.

Fabien Collangettes, Venture Capital Principal, Omnes, said the funding would concede the firm to shore up its leadership and feeling excited to watch the resulting innovations be published on the marketplace.


Image courtesy of Elistair/YouTube Screenshot


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