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‘Elite Dangerous’ expansion to allow players to walk on planets


Odyssey, the latest expansion of Elite Dangerous, will let gamers disembark from their space ships and explore planets on foot, plus loads of other cool stuff.

As confirmed by gaming company Frontier Developments in its official forums page, the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion will not only allow players to walk on other worlds, but also grant them the opportunity to participate in first-person brawls, and accept a wide range of contracts.

The newest expansion is slated for release next year, but those looking to get it can already add Odyssey to their wishlist on Steam.

Giving in to popular demand

The current gameplay mechanics of Elite Dangerous does not allow gamers to set foot on a planet’s surface, especially on a first-person perspective.

Before the Odyssey expansion, players were confined to the interiors of space ships or planetary vehicles.

While it is true that Elite Dangerous did incorporate world landings, as well as a ground terrain layer half a decade ago, thanks to the Horizons expansion, players haven’t had the opportunity yet to explore planets on the ground level.

That should all change with the upcoming 2021 Odyssey expansion.

Not just ground combat

As mentioned earlier, players will be able to accept and complete missions on the ground, thanks to the latest expansion.

These contracts are not just about combat either. Some missions will involve more diplomacy than outright fighting skills.

In some cases, users will even find themselves going into business ventures. They’ll have to find work, seek help, and search for shops through various hangouts or social hubs spread all over the Milky Way.

The really cool new thing is that unlike before, players can now meet other fellow pilots in person—virtually, that is—as opposed to interacting with them through a window or screen.

First-person combat

Of course, for those who are looking forward to some awesome combat experience, the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion also delivers first-person fight capabilities.

Not only can players wear combat gear, but they can also get access to a wide array of weapons. If they choose to, they can even form alliances with fellow players.

This is made possible through the presence of the aforementioned social hubs, or public outposts as Elite likes to call them, wherein players can team up with other players.

Of course, they can also choose to buy or upgrade their gear and weaponry through these outposts, and even acquire the technical services of Engineers.

Images courtesy of Frontier Developments

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