‘Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’ Hotfix 1 is available now

Frontier Developments has released the first fixing update for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Hotfix 1 is now available for the players.

Official Twitter account of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey shared the information early on Friday about the first Hotfix patch.

The game recently launched for the PC.

‘Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’ Hotfix 1: What’s new?

The forum for the title mentioned all the latest additions and solutions that players will receive after applying the update.

Frontier also stated that the team would keep an eye on players’ feedback on the Issue Tracker. So they can work on bringing more refinements in the future patches.

Here’s everything that has been resolved in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Hotfix 1:

  • General stability is improved now, along with the missions.
  • Various coloration issues are fixed in organics.
  • Issue fixed where players witnessed a crash while attempting to edit keybindings.
  • Issue fixed where players could not enter the express lift when completing the tutorial with an existing Commander. They needed to re-log.
  • Another issue was resolved where players are unable to exit the ship after finishing the tutorial. Ultimately they were forced to skip.
  • Suit thermal resistance has now increased. It allows disembarking on several hotter planets.
  • Issued solved where players are unable to cut panels or accessing data ports in multi-crew.
  • Issued fixed regarding the Pilot Tutorial. While exiting, players were unable to continue while being forced to re-log.
  • Messaging has improved on elevators if players haven’t taken flight tutorials.
  • Issue fixed where players encountered enemy ship not arriving in the tutorial.
  • Collision issued fixed at Cinder Dock Surface port.
  • ‘Manage Inventory’ function fixed on the ship embark screen.
  • FSS planet closeup issue resolved in VR.
  • Issue resolved where main chat window was unavailable in the comms panel.
  • Another issue fixed where a modified to suit sold at Pioneer Supplies isn’t cleared from the shop inventory.
  • Issued fixed regarding naming in the tutorial for the ‘Data Port’ objective.
  • Transaction server error fixed when purchasing from tech broker.
  • Issued fixed for an orange sidewinder disconnect when switching between Elite Dangerous: Odyssey and Elite Dangerous: Horizons builds.

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Coming back to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, then it’s now available for PC as well, along with PS4 and Xbox One.


Image courtesy of ObsidianAnt/YouTube

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