‘Elite Dangerous’ update 2 is available now

Seems likes Frontier Developments’ title Elite Dangerous will take a long time to become entirely bug-free. It just received another update.

On Thursday, the official Twitter page for Elite Dangerous shared the info about update 2 because the space-flight simulation game is still suffering due to multiple issues.

‘Elite Dangerous’ update 2: What’s new?

While sharing updated details, the main forum of the title thanked the fans for their continued support.

The page also read that the dev teams are constantly working “to improve the Elite Dangerous player experience.”

It’s because the title still needs tons of rectifications.

Speaking of what’s new in the latest patch then you can scroll below to find them out.

And yes, all these are the highlighted ones. So if you want complete details and elaborated features, you can check the main forum page.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons [PC & Console]​

  • Several stability improvements have been made.
  • The Alphecca system is now updated. It contains an eclipsing binary of Class A and Class G stars.
  • Correction is erroneous planet names in Sharur and Tau Ceti.

Changes to ‘Elite Dangerous’ (not ‘Odyssey’ version)

Here are the improvements to the regular title:

Artificial Intelligence

  • The ranged AI will now draw a pistol during the investigation. Previously, it used to draw players’ rifles.
  • Issue fixed where an AI would be watching the player for a large amount of time. It happened after a reckless discharge warning.


  • Organic ambiances are now fixed. Now they can attenuate properly over distance.
  • Helmet radio comms effect and suit voice have mixed tweaks. Harsh high frequencies are soft now.
  • Self-hit notification sounds have a reduced reverb.
  • Sounds of SRV scanner remain audible now. It’s regarding the turret mode.


  • Issue fixed where the animations on certain weapons and third-person reload would never complete.
  • An issue was fixed, which was related to firing the shotgun in ADS.
  • Issue resolved where an incorrect emissive value was present on particular NPC shoulders.
  • Another problem solved were several suits missed a backpack and torch.

Key Controls

  • There are new controls with bindings for presets using keyboard inputs. These are:-
  1. Use Medkit ( 6 )
  2. Use Energy Cells ( 7 )
  3. Select Frag Grenade ( 8 )
  4. Select EMP Grenade ( 9 )
  5. To Select Shield Grenade ( 0 )
  6. Clear Stolen Profile ( – )


  • Emissive paint jobs are now balanced for SRV.
  • Visual improvements for mining decals for ships (CG rewards).
  • Items fixed for fight suit helmet.


  • Issue fixed related to saved games and flight suit livery.
  • Issue fixed related to crashes linked to mission object location spawning.


  • Players can now plot hyperspace routes having neutron boosts.
  • Issue fixed whereby a genus filter would show up.


  • Vendors and the NPCs in Social Spaces are optimized now.
  • Suits for all characters optimized.
  • VFX of fire in the rooms is improved now.

Elite Dangerous is now available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Mac.


Image courtesy of Elite Dangerous/YouTube

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