Elizabeth Olsen does not have future outside MCU, fans claimed

Elizabeth Olsen does not have future outside MCU, fans claimed

Elizabeth Olsen did not become famous because of her sisters, the twins – Mary Kate and Ashley.

Elizabeth Olsen has already established her fame and success in Hollywood. With her role as Wanda/Scarlet Witch on the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, she has reportedly become a “household name” in recent years.

Despite her success and fame, though, many fans and netizens believe that she does not have a future outside the MCU films, according to Cheat Sheet. As stated, there are numerous Hollywood celebrities in her age range that are far more successful and popular in the industry.

Elizabeth Olsen and her rise to fame

Just like her sisters, the popular twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen, also started young in the television and film industry. However, she reportedly had to quit her career after a few attempts and had to go back to her studies.

A few years after, though, she went back to acting. She seemingly dominated the indie scene in her early years, as per the same publication.

Some of her projects include Silent House, In Secret, Old Boy, and Liberal Arts. But, it was with Martha Marcy May Marlene when she had her “breakthrough.” Nevertheless, her introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015 was the one that placed her in the international scene.

Fans doubt about her “longevity” in the Hollywood scene

Amid all the successes and achievements in the past few years, Elizabeth Olsen has continued to receive praise and recognition from fans. However, some of them reportedly have “doubts” about her career outside the MCU.

In an online forum, Reddit, several individuals “expressed” their thoughts and opinions about the 31-year-old actress, Cheat Sheet explained. As contended, the young Olsen’s MCU gigs might not be “enough” for her career’s future.

Fans doubt about her "longevity" in the Hollywood scene

Fans then reportedly shared that there are several celebrities in Hollywood, who are far more “better known” than her. These actresses include Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson, and Margot Robbie, who are reportedly in the same age range as her. Others then mentioned Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot, who are three to four years older, as per claims.

The netizens said that these stars are far “bigger” than Olsen when it comes to “star power” and popularity. Also, they reportedly contended that they all have other projects outside MCU, particularly Larson and Johansson, and DC in Robbie and Gadot’s cases.

She has other projects, too

Despite all the assertions, reports said that the actress also has other projects waiting for her. Although the closest one that she has is with Marvel and Disney, WandaVision, this does not reportedly mean that she does not have a future outside the franchise.

As pointed out, Elizabeth Olsen already did several projects outside MCU in the past. This is amid her fame for the role of Wanda. Some of these projects include Ingrid Goes West, Wind River, and Sorry For Your Loss.


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