Ellen DeGeneres abuses her celebrity power, encourages Britney Spears not to pay

Ellen DeGeneres abuses her celebrity power, encourages Britney Spears not to pay

Ellen DeGeneres is once again receiving flak after a video of her at the mall with Britney Spears resurfaced.

Ellen DeGeneres showed the video during an episode of Ellen Show. The comedian starts off by talking about her hosting gig.

“One of the best things about hosting this show is that I get to bring joy and laughter to the world. But the second-best thing is that it makes me very, very rich,” she said.

Does Ellen DeGeneres celebrity status make her privileged?

The comedian also said that she wanted to take advantage of the celebrity lifestyle. As such, she called one of her famous friends, Spears. The A-listers went to Westfield Square Mall to cause a scene.

“I told her we could do whatever we wanted because we are famous. Here’s what happened,” she said.

Ellen DeGeneres encourages Britney Spears to engage in questionable behavior 

Ellen DeGeneres encourages Britney Spears to engage in questionable behavior

The segment kicked off with DeGeneres encouraging Spears to park her car illegally. The funny woman stressed the fact that the singer is famous so she can get away with it.

“I believe that you are a huge celebrity. Just run the stop sign. Who cares. Just park right there. You need to take advantage of your celebrity status,” she joked.

As they entered the mall, Ellen DeGeneres and Spears saw a punching bag. The former told the latter that she can punch it because celebrities need to take their anger out.

The “Toxic” singer saw a jacket that she liked so she decided to try it on. DeGeneres immediately asked the store employee if they could get the jacket for free.

As they were walking out of the store, the alarms started sounding off. DeGeneres encouraged Spears to keep walking and not look back.

At one point, DeGeneres also encouraged Spears to go up the escalator that’s moving downward. At first, Spears was scared but she followed DeGeneres’s instructions.

The comedian discourages a young fan from becoming a doctor

DeGeneres and Spears also spoke to a 14-year-old boy who was at the mall. The comedian asked him what he wants to be when he grows up. He said that he wants to be a doctor, but DeGeneres said that he should be a celebrity instead because they make more money.

Portia de Rossi’s wife also told a group of mallgoers that the two most important things in life are money and celebrity.

On Facebook, some fans said that it was evident that the entire scene was made up. Ellen DeGeneres also received a slew of criticisms for making fun of Spears and the other people at the mall.

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