Ellen DeGeneres allegedly jeopardizes her second chance with recent People’s Choice Awards win

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly jeopardizes her second chance with recent People's Choice Awards win

Ellen DeGeneres, allegedly, jeopardized the second chance that her fans gave to her following her recent People’s Choice Awards win.

After E! News named Ellen DeGeneres as one of its top winners, the comedian immediately thanked her fans. She also expressed gratitude to her staff, who have been working hard on Ellen Show.

“I’m not only accepting this award for myself. I’m accepting it on behalf of my amazing crew, my amazing staff, who make this show possible. They show up every single day, they give 100 percent of themselves, 100 percent of the time,” she said.

DeGeneres also said that she thanks her staff every day for what they do for her and Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres used to bully her staff

Ellen DeGeneres used to bully her staff

But the comedian’s recent show of gratitude was a far cry from how she used to treat her staff on Ellen Show.

Last summer, former employees came forward whilst accusing the producers of harassment and bullying. They also claimed that there’s a toxic work environment on the set of the Ellen Show.

After months of criticism, DeGeneres addressed the backlash by apologizing to her former staff and fans during the premiere of Ellen Show.

As such, some of her critics couldn’t help but slam DeGeneres’ speech after receiving her award. They claimed that this was all just for show.

Ellen DeGeneres still doing damage control

New Zealand Woman’s Weekly also claimed that some of DeGeneres’ critics believe that her words were just another attempt to do damage control following the bullying allegations.

Before former employees came forward, a slew of celebrities and non-celebrities accused Ellen DeGeneres of bullying them.

One of them said that the comedian refuses to make eye contact with her staff. Another critic alleged that DeGeneres wants everyone to chew gum before they talk to her because she hates stinky breaths.

However, DeGeneres never responded to these allegations. So, it is unclear if they are even true.

Ellen Show’s 12 Days of Christmas premieres

Meanwhile, DeGeneres is business as usual by hosting Ellen Show.

This week, she launched her highly-anticipated 12 Days of Christmas segment. It will run from Nov. 23 to Dec. 14.

Fans of the program and Ellen DeGeneres who want to participate in the game may do so by downloading the Ellentube app on the App Store or Google Play.

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