Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams’s thunder tussle

When Wendy Williams and Ellen Degenres came face-to-face, Ellen lost her thunder to Wendy. Fans remembering all the times Ellen crossed boundaries on-screen.

The loving, caring, fun, and magnanimous charade of Ellen DeGeneres seems to have retained transparency when the world went into lock-down, and the ‘actuality’ started fading. 

The grand reveal of Ellen DeGeneres’ toxicity to the world had celebrities coming out to pose their stance on the still flaming hot-topic. Fans came forward, reminiscing all the time that Ellen’s behavior was questionable on-screen.

Here comes another instance; Wendy, a guest on the show at the time, overpowered Ellen’s thunder in a 2013’s episode of The Ellen’s Show.

Wendy Williams manages to topple charts of hot-gossips for many reasons, for being straightforward, for being candid, for being downright mean, and her capacity not to filter anything she means.

Just Wendy being candid

The unity of the two very opposite talk-show hosts brought out some similarities! Ellen slyly called out Wendy for her alleged “meanness” on her show towards celebs and if she ever got into trouble for it.

But the former radio DJ slammed Ellen with a sassy comeback going forward, calling Ellen a look-alike of Justin Beiber. They are the perfect match after-all. Well, you cannot expect the “shock-jacket” to take anyone’s BS without expecting a rebuttal.

Sweet, sour experiences with Ellen

Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson came forward with their tidbits of experiences. They claimed that the host’s mistreatment of her employees was, in fact, “common knowledge.”

In 2008, Mariah Carey appeared on the show and was left feeling extremely uncomfortable as she was effectively pushed by Ellen to reveal her pregnancy status. She also revealed that she had a hard time grappling with the aftermath.

While many went on to give detailed reactions, musician Phoebe Bridgers had to say only two words—Ellen Degenerate.

The toxic culture in The Ellen DeGeneres’ realm

The investigation into toxic workplace culture led to some harsh revelations. She allegedly told a black staffer, “I only know the names of the white people who work here.”

The whole charade of ‘be kind,’ donations and charities are for the show, when the cameras are rolling, according to a former employee. The employee, a black woman, faced microaggressions and dealt with racist comments while working on the show.

The most off-putting is the fact that she did not pay her staff during the difficult times of COVID-19. The net worth of $490 million did her staff no good.


Started by Portia de Rossi, the hashtag became a means to stand by the comedian, which many celebrities and famous personalities did. Her friends and acquaintances like Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, etc., shared their fun and kind meetings with Ellen, claiming that she is “the dopest person in the universe!” Octavia Spencer, too, came forward and said that she always felt supported on the show and had fun.

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