Ellen DeGeneres ‘arrogant,’ celebrities supporting her endorsing toxic behavior?

Ellen DeGeneres has been branded as arrogant by brand management expert, Eric Schiffer.

While speaking with Insider, Schiffer revealed that he crossed paths with Ellen DeGeneres inside the elevator at the Emmys.

“There was an arrogance about her, and I can see why she is considered to have this mammoth ego in Hollywood that would be too gigantic for her to ever quit the show early,” he said.

Ellen DeGeneres won’t quit ‘Ellen Show’

Schiffer also responded to claims that DeGeneres will quit Ellen Show amid the criticisms that she has received. He said that this wouldn’t happen.

But the expert said that he hopes DeGeneres’ power and status will see her through.

Ellen DeGeneres supporters warned by an expert

Ellen DeGeneres supporters warned by an expert

The expert also offered a word of caution to the celebrities who have supported and defended DeGeneres in public. Other than Portia de Rossi, Katy Perry, Diane Keaton, Kevin Hart, Jay Leno, and Ashton Kutcher have also come forward to support the comedian.

He said that supporting DeGeneres publicly could send a wrong message to other people. It would seem as though they are endorsing the kind of toxic behavior that was reported by BuzzFeed News earlier this month.

Weeks ago, 10 former employees revealed that there’s a toxic work environment on the set of Ellen Show. More specifically, there’s, reportedly, bullying, racism, and harassment on set.

Immediately after, Warner Bros. released a statement saying that they will investigate the matter. And shortly after, they decided to fire three producers on the show.

Ellen DeGeneres will continue to host the program. And she will return to Ellen Show next month.

‘Ellen Show’ staff, producers, host attend conference call

Before the new season begins, a conference call took place between the producers, DeGeneres, and the staff of the program. According to reports, de Rossi’s wife became a tad bit emotional during the call.

The comedian also apologized to her staff again. And sources revealed that DeGeneres also reacted to the rumors that she doesn’t want people to make eye contact with her.

According to the funny woman, she’s an introvert. But she also encouraged everyone to look her in the eye and approach her when they see her.

Prior to the conference call, DeGeneres publicly apologized to the former staff that complained about the toxic work environment on Ellen Show. However, her apology didn’t sit well with Schiffer. The expert said that the apology came a little too late. And it didn’t also sound very sincere.

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