Ellen DeGeneres’ body language shows apology’s insencirity, expert says

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres apologized to everyone affected by her eponymous show’s toxic work environment when she returned to the small screen. However, a body language expert seemed to be unconvinced of her apology.

Bruce Durham believed everything Ellen DeGeneres said on air wasn’t true at all. Indeed, her delivery was heartfelt, but the psychologist revealed his body language said otherwise.

DeGeneres’ effort to stay jolly

Durham noticed DeGeneres was trying to make everything light by staying jolly. Her hand continuously moved, giving the viewers an idea of what was going on in her mind.

At the start of the 62-year-old host’s speech, she rubbed and moved her hands as if she was praying.

“She’s already thinking ‘I hope this goes well’, this is a bit of self soothe,” he said, per Mirror Online. “She’s trying to be jovial, but she’s very aware of the downside about getting that wrong.”

With all the issues Ellen faces, Portia de Rossi’s wife is under pressure. So, fans expect her to address the alleged toxic work environment happening behind the scenes.

“She’s trying to block out that negative experience for her,” Durham continued. “There’s repetition of the eye block when she’s talking about the toxic atmosphere at the show.”

Ellen DeGeneres tried to ‘lull people’

The expert believes DeGeneres is “trying to lull the people by talking through an empathetic connection.”

Hence, Durham might find it more convincing if the Finding Nemo star didn’t try making jokes and avoid making people laugh.

“Any firm lack of what she’s being accused of is missing,” he added. “She’s trying to use humor as a tool to bring us back on board.”

Durham accused DeGeneres of trying to be confident by displaying her humor, but her body language was “giving her away.”

“If this is an apology video, it’s a terrible attempt. It hasn’t got the right tone or focus,” he said. “It misses the mark totally for the people who have been affected negatively.”

The unsatisfying apology of DeGeneres

Aside from Burham, BuzzFeed News revealed current and former Ellen employees are also unsatisfied with DeGeneres’ apology.

Some said it was “flat if downright insincere.”

“Not only did Ellen turn my trauma, turn our traumas, into a joke,” one employee stressed. “She somehow managed to make this about her.”

Another one found it funny when Ellen DeGeneres said her summer was great, believing it was a jest. “Now you’re the one suffering?” the employee asked.

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