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Ellen DeGeneres buying Portia de Rossi $14M ranch to save marriage: rumor


Ellen DeGeneres allegedly made repurchased a home she sold worth millions to please her wife, Portia de Rossi, according to a tabloid.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been married for over a decade already. However, tabloids continue to milk on their relationship by spreading false news about them. One tabloid claimed that their relationship is on the rocks, and the talk show host had to purchase their old home to keep her wife. But is it really the case?

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly desperate to keep Portia

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are into flipping houses. They buy properties and sell them at a higher price later.

However, DeGeneres allegedly repurchased a home they sold back in 2018 in Montecito. Portia loves the place, and she wants to keep her wife happy after all the things that happened to her, especially in her career.

Ellen recently announced that she would return for The Ellen DeGeneres Show Season 19, but it would be her final season. The unnamed insider said that after losing her show, she is desperate to keep his wife.

Ellen just lost her talk show; the last thing she wants is to lose her wife too,” the anonymous source told In Touch.

Ellen allegedly purchased the home and paid $14.3 million just to have it back. It was reportedly #3.3 million more than the price they sold it for, but the host still purchased it to please his wife.

She’s desperate to please Portia; that’s what it comes down to,” the unnamed source said. The insider added that hopefully, it would help save their marriage.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and said that it was not the real story. Although some portion of it was true.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen DeGeneres repurchased the ranch-style home they sold back in 2018. They ended up paying $2 million over the asking price to take the house back.

As for their relationship, the rumor-debunking site questioned the claim that they were having a marital crisis. Portia de Rossi has been supportive of Ellen. In fact, she appeared on Ellen to celebrate its 3,000 episodes. She shared a short clip of her guesting on Instagram.

In the video, she helped push the table filled with blue cupcakes. It was carefully arranged to read 3,000. DeGeneres walked toward Portia while grinning, and they embraced. Portia looked happy and was all smiles in the video.

Portia also actively shares photos of them on social media. She also defended Ellen DeGeneres amid the toxic workplace allegation that hit her last year. The rumor-debunking site pointed out that the couple is doing fine, in contrast to what the tabloid claimed.

Also, the couple looked happy and very much in love as they talked about their relationship and marriage with People in February.

Image used courtesy of People/YouTube Screenshot

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