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Ellen DeGeneres called out for ignoring former employees’ toxic culture claims


Ellen DeGeneres was called out for not addressing her former employees’ racism and toxic work culture claims.

Ellen DeGeneres was business, as usual, a day after BuzzFeed News published their interview with 10 former employees on The Ellen Show.

Ellen’s critics challenging her for an explanation

The comedian greeted Kristen Bell on her Instagram account. And several people commented on the post with questions for DeGeneres.

One of them questioned if DeGeneres will ever address the claims that her staff was treated negatively on set.

Another person said that she expected more from DeGeneres because she’s all about kindness on her show.

Ellen Show is a sham. All for the cameras. Behind the scenes is racism towards employees,” another person commented.

‘Ellen Show’ reportedly has a toxic work environment

BuzzFeed News said that a lot of people on the set of The Ellen Show aren’t always happy to be there.

Most of the employees said that the executive producers and senior managers are to be blamed for the toxic work environment.

However, one of the former employees said that DeGeneres also has a responsibility to know what’s going on backstage.

“I think the executive producers surround her and tell her, ‘Things are going great, everybody’s happy,’ and she just believes that but it’s her responsibility to go beyond that,” the former employee said.

Ellen DeGeneres is cold, mean, demeaning

Other than the recent allegations against Ellen DeGeneres, there have also been claims that the comedian is cold and mean. Others have also dubbed her as a mean girl.

One of the people that encountered DeGeneres said that the host almost got her fired from her job because of her chipped nail polish.

Critics of DeGeneres couldn’t help but wonder if The Ellen Show will stop airing after a series of blows in recent months. However, Forbes said that the only way for the show to be canceled if is advertisers stop paying DeGeneres top dollar.

Portia de Rossi allegedly fears she could lose her wife

DeGeneres and de Rossi are also, allegedly, having marital problems. Last year, Star claimed that the couple was heading for a $450 million divorce.

An unnamed source, allegedly, saw the couple fighting in public. Shortly after, de Rossi, allegedly, broke down in tears amid fears that she could lose the love of her life.

“Her eyes were red and puffy, her makeup was running and she looked unsteady on her feet. It was shocking to see,” the unnamed source said, as per Star.

However, Ellen DeGeneres and de Rossi are still together. The couple will celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary next month.

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