Ellen DeGeneres can regain credibility, trust by taking responsibility: Expert says

Ellen DeGeneres could, reportedly, regain credibility and trust if she will own up to her mistakes instead of blaming other people.

While speaking with Insider, brand management expert Eric Schiffer said that he believes Ellen DeGeneres is in a gigantic dumpster fire, and she’s struggling to gasp for air.

Schiffer also said that DeGeneres and her team are handling the issues poorly because they haven’t pulled out a classic PR move.

“The one thing that’s going to get her to rebuild trust – which is to own it all. That’s one path to regaining credibility and these battles are all about regaining credibility and trust,” he said.

Ellen DeGeneres should take responsibility

Ellen DeGeneres should take responsibility

Schiffer also said that DeGeneres needs to take responsibility for the things that happened recently. Ten former Ellen Show employees told BuzzFeed News that there’s a toxic work environment on the set of the program.

“It’s important for her to know, the viewers like truth and authenticity. They know it’s a con job. For those who still tune in, every night she is going to be scrutinized with an electron microscope. Every smile will be measured,” he said.

Ellen DeGeneres using ‘deflect to protect’ strategy

Instead of owning up to her mistakes and taking responsibility for her actions, DeGeneres’ strategy is, reportedly, to deflect to protect. Schiffer said that this is evident in the recent firing of three Ellen Show producers.

But for the brand management expert, the firing of the producers isn’t enough.

“[It was] right out of the deflect to protect playbook, to draw attention away from the horrible things many have said have happened under this diabolical Hollywood bubble. This is a good day for shamelessly hypocritical prima donnas in Hollywood who fire their executive producers to deflect instead of taking responsibility,” he said.

Comedian dubbed as ‘shameless,’ ‘out of touch’

Even though Ellen DeGeneres already apologized to her staff, Schiffer thinks this still isn’t enough. After all, the apology came a little too late.

“It’s Ellen’s shameless, out-of-touch, celebrity elitism, and the lack of accountability that goes without that disgusts people. Ellen’s arrogance blinds her like the sun, and won’t let her see. She can’t fire her way back to public trust,” he said.

Last week, Schiffer told News.co.au that DeGeneres should issue a heartfelt apology when she returns to Ellen Show next month. After all, the comedian’s first apology was reportedly weak.

During a conference call with Ellen Show staff, Ellen DeGeneres, reportedly, issued her second apology.

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