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Ellen DeGeneres could save career by quitting show, PR expert says


Ellen DeGeneres could still save her career and brand by quitting her show, according to a PR expert.

Ellen DeGeneres is at the front and center of various controversies. A few months ago, many criticized her for being mean. Just recently, her show has been subjected to an internal investigation. A former producer also called her toxic. A PR expert suggested a way for the host to redeem herself.

Ellen DeGeneres should quit her show

Ellen DeGeneres has been hosting The Ellen Show for 17 years already. However, PR expert Eric Schiffer, Chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, suggested that she take a break and let things calm down.

Schiffer’s suggestion could mean DeGeneres leaving the show.

“In America, especially within the celebrity culture, memories are short, so she could relight in 24 months. Perhaps not a show, but maybe as a component of a show,” Schiffer told Metro.

“She’s always going to have a cadre of fans that will remain loyal to her and I’m sure she’ll find ways to market it. But I think after being bashed in the teeth and dealing with a hail of fire coming from Warner, she’ll want to be dark for a while. I’m sure she’ll slip back into Santa Barbara and lick her wounds and wait for another opportunity when all this dies down.”

Ellen wants to quit

Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres might just do what the expert suggests. Another source claimed that DeGeneres felt betrayed after negative stories about her leaked. So, she was reportedly considering to quit her show.

“She is pissed that people have come forward to share these negative stories about her and feels betrayed,” a source told Us Weekly.

“She knows she can be tough at times. But believes she works hard and is extremely creative and that it’s a privilege to work for her and be around her.”

James Corden replacing Ellen DeGeneres

Meanwhile, many are concerned that the show will be canceled. And following the cancelation fears, there are rumors that James Corden will be replacing Ellen DeGeneres.

“This issue has fast tracked everything and made everyone look at the future today. James Corden was being eyed for Ellen’s job in the long term before any of this came to light,” an insider said.

However, many don’t like Corden. In fact, several said he was worse than DeGeneres.

“I’m pretty sure James Corden is WORSE than Ellen,” @alexandralorian wrote.

“James Corden is even worse than Ellen. Met him several times catering exclusive events in NYC, and his on screen “persona” is total bullsh––,” @ItsMikeHartman added.

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