Ellen DeGeneres critics think ‘horrible’ comedian should be fired from ‘Ellen Show’

Ellen DeGeneres critics think 'horrible' comedian should be fired from 'Ellen Show'

Ellen DeGeneres hasn’t gotten on the public’s good graces even after she issued an apology to her former staff.

Star created a poll where they asked their readers if they think Ellen DeGeneres should be fired from Ellen Show. At least 68 percent of the respondents voted, Yes, and only 32 percent voted, No.

A source also told the tabloid that she previously worked with DeGeneres, and the comedian is horrible.

“I’d love to be a fly on the wall and see the state she’s in. She must be freaking out,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres staff rushed to a mental health facility

The unnamed source’s statement coincided with all the other allegations directed at DeGeneres. Earlier this month, former Ellen Show employees told BuzzFeed News that there’s a toxic work environment on the show.

They also said that one former staff had to be admitted to a mental health facility after she suffered a nervous breakdown.

“She had some issues, but Ellen treated her so terribly and caused her so much stress. She just couldn’t take it anymore,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres apology criticized

Ellen DeGeneres apology criticized

DeGeneres apologized to her former staff, but some of her critics didn’t think that this was heartfelt. After all, they claimed that Ellen DeGeneres is aware of what’s been happening on the set of Ellen Show.

However, Portia de Rossi’s wife, allegedly, chose to turn a blind eye on the issues until they become worse. And brand expert Eric Schiffer said that DeGeneres’ apology also came a little too late.

“Her first ‘apology’ was wretchedly weak, lacked total truth and responsibility, and pointed the finger at her staff. It came off as one more celebrity elite escaping accountability, not to mention, it was far overdue. Ellen’s best strategy is a very long vacation and a heartfelt apology that doesn’t point fingers or try to wheel out her celebrity cronies to cover up, but takes responsibility” he told News.co.au.

Ellen will return to host her TV show

Schiffer also said that he doesn’t think DeGeneres will quit Ellen Show despite all the criticisms. After all, her ego is too huge.

And true enough, de Rossi told reporters last week that DeGeneres will return to host the daytime program next month.

As such, all the reports saying that Ellen DeGeneres will be replaced by Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Clarkson, Kristen Bell, James Corden, and other celebrities are all incorrect.

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