Ellen DeGeneres critics thrilled she’s getting karma for being a bully: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres critics thrilled she's getting karma for being a bully: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres just announced that she’s quitting Ellen Show after next season.

The comedian already revealed her real reason for quitting the talk show. But at least one tabloid is convinced that Ellen DeGeneres is not being 100 percent truthful.

According to National Enquirer, DeGeneres was secretly affected by all the criticisms she received throughout the past year.

Ellen DeGeneres gets the karma that she deserves

Now, a source for the tabloid claimed that the comedian’s critics couldn’t help but be thrilled that DeGeneres is quitting Ellen Show. After all, they believe that she’s finally getting the karma that she deserves.

“There are high fives all around because this is finally karma biting Ellen in the butt. She can try to defend herself all she wants, but the feeling is she’s been brought down for good reason and her demise deserves to be celebrated,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres staff furious with her 

Ellen DeGeneres staff furious with her

According to the source, some of DeGeneres’ staff are also upset because they now have to find another job after next season. But most of them are also thrilled because they don’t want to be near the comedian anymore.

“It sucks for staffers who will need to find other jobs, but for a lot of them, anything’s better than being anywhere near Ellen’s hellish orbit. There are some seriously talented folks who didn’t deserve to be treated this badly. To see Ellen go out with a big black eye like this is a real boost. To say they’re relieved is an understatement of the century,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson replaces the comedian

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Kelly Clarkson’s talk show will be taking up DeGeneres’ timeslot after next season.

Prior to the announcement, there have been claims that the American Idol winner is the top contender to replace the comedian.

By the looks of it, this is the only prediction that the tabloids got right. However, it is important to note that Clarkson will be replacing DeGeneres’ timeslot on Ellen Show but she won’t be the new host of the funny woman’s program.

As of late, Ellen DeGeneres continues to appear on Ellen Show with her virtual guests and live interviewees.

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