Ellen DeGeneres encouraged Britney Spears to ‘steal,’ singer called comedian ‘mean’

Ellen DeGeneres encouraged Britney Spears to 'steal,' singer called comedian 'mean'

Ellen DeGeneres previously went to the mall with Britney Spears. And the segment aired during an episode of Ellen Show.

During their trip to the mall, Ellen DeGeneres encouraged Spears to do a slew of questionable things like park her car in the wrong spot, get a jacket without paying for it, and more.

Ellen DeGeneres encourages Britney Spears to steal at the mall

At one point in the clip, DeGeneres encouraged Spears to steal after the singer saw a small bag that she liked. Spears held the bag and DeGeneres asked her to just take it because she’s a celebrity.

Portia de Rossi’s wife stressed that as a celebrity, she and Spears could get a lot of things for free. At first, Spears hesitated. She told DeGeneres that what the comedian wants her to do is tantamount to stealing. But the funny woman said that it’s OK.

Ellen DeGeneres encourages Britney Spears to steal at the mall 

Ellen DeGeneres wants to get staff’s money from the counter

DeGeneres and Spears also went to an ice cream where the former asked the staff to give Spears huge scoops of ice cream. The Ellen Show host didn’t want ice cream for herself, but she asked the staff to give her sprinkles.

The staff obliged even though DeGeneres asked her to put the sprinkles in her hands instead of a cup. At one point, DeGeneres also asked the staff if she could get the money in the counter.

‘Ellen Show’ host scares off a fan

Ellen DeGeneres and Spears then visited Pottery Barn where the latter ate her ice cream. Upon noticing that a lot of people are looking at them from the huge glass window, DeGeneres said that their fans must think they’re on display.

A fan walked up to the glass window to take a photo of DeGeneres. But the funny woman scared her off by growling at her.

Towards the end of the clip, DeGeneres said that being a celebrity is so hard and tiring. She and Spears laid down on a bed at one of the stores.

Britney Spears thinks Ellen’s mean

DeGeneres placed a fake spider on Spears’ chest and the “Toxic” singer screamed. DeGeneres couldn’t stop laughing at Spears’ reaction. The latter asked DeGeneres why she would do something like that before calling the host “mean.”

The years after the segment aired on Ellen Show, more people accused DeGeneres of being mean. Some of her critics have also called her a bully.

According to some critics’ accounts, DeGeneres doesn’t want fans to look her in the eye. She also, allegedly, has a sensitive nose so Ellen DeGeneres asks those who’ll talk to her to chew gum.

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