Ellen DeGeneres excludes staff she dislikes from outings to create ‘tension,’ ‘jealousy’?

Ellen DeGeneres excludes staff she dislikes from outings to create ‘tension,’ ‘jealousy’?

Ellen DeGeneres was previously accused of not treating her staff well.

Three years ago, Radar Online published a report on Ellen DeGeneres saying that she plays favorites among her staff on the Ellen Show.

An unnamed source claimed that DeGeneres has the tendency to choose the people that she would be nice to. And one of the reasons why she is nice to a certain group of people is because they are beneficial to her.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly makes her staff feel left out

If they aren’t, the source claimed that DeGeneres purposely makes them feel left out.

“She’ll invite some staffers to fun outings and purposely exclude others to create tension, jealousy and hurt feelings,” the unnamed source said, as per Radar Online.

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the ‘Queen of Nice’

Back then, fewer people have exposed DeGeneres for who she, allegedly, really is. But the source already said that DeGeneres is a sham because she isn’t really the “Queen of Nice.”

“Ellen’s public image is that of a sweetie who’s nice to everyone and is a real pussycat. But when the cameras aren’t rolling, she treats staffers as if they are peasants!” the source said.

There were also claims that the staff on the Ellen Show aren’t allowed to talk to the comedian. In fact, they aren’t also allowed to look her in the eye.

The mean girl allegations from 2017 matched the recent criticisms thrown at Ellen DeGeneres. Former employees on the Ellen Show told BuzzFeed News that Portia de Rossi’s wife is not as nice and kind as she seems to be on television.

'Ellen Show' staff instructed to avoid host when she's fighting with Portia? 

‘Ellen Show’ staff instructed to avoid host when she’s fighting with Portia?

Radar Online also said that everyone on set is instructed to duck and cover whenever DeGeneres and de Rossi are having problems. The funny woman can, allegedly, lash out at anyone when she’s upset.

DeGeneres’ alleged perfectionism is also, allegedly, causing tension on the set of Ellen Show.

One time, a loose thread was hanging off her slacks. Ellen noticed it when she was about to go on air and started screaming about how no one had told her. Then, instead of just tearing off the thread, Ellen demanded a whole new pair of slacks! Staffers never know what she’ll go off on, or who she’ll target. It’s like walking on eggshells,” the source said.

The comedian stays mum on the issue

As of late, DeGeneres has not yet responded to the criticisms. But the staff that exposed the dirt on the comedian are, reportedly, thrilled that the world is starting to hear them out about the host.

“They’ve been calling and texting each other about the story. They’re loving that the truth—which has been an open secret for years in the industry—is finally receiving more interest,” a source told Us Weekly.

Ellen DeGeneres continues to host Ellen Show amid criticisms. And she still rakes in top dollar from advertisers.

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