Ellen DeGeneres feels vulnerable after learning burglary incident was inside job: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres has faced several blows to her career in recent months.

But just weeks ago, reports also revealed that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s home was burglarized. The couple was left unharmed following the incident, but some of their things were, reportedly, stolen.

Ellen DeGeneres worried for her, Portia de Rossi’s safety

According to Star, DeGeneres, and de Rossi recently found out that the burglary incident was an inside job.

“Ellen’s frightened, angry, and bewildered. It seems clear someone’s out to get her – and they’re doing it from inside her own camp. She’s hired her own private investigative team,” a source said.

DeGeneres and de Rossi live in the gated community of Montecito in Santa Barbara. And some of their A-list neighbors include Ariana Grande, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Oprah Winfrey.

Amid the alleged investigation, DeGeneres no longer wants to get the stolen items back. She’s more concerned about her and de Rossi’s safety.

“Only a small group of people have access to their home, and the idea that someone they know and trust is behind the crime is horrifying. Despite her work woes, her home was a sanctuary where she could feel safe. Now that’s gone too. Ellen’s feeling more vulnerable than ever,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres worried for her, Portia de Rossi's safety

Ellen DeGeneres burglary incident could’ve been an inside job

Last month, police officers said that the burglary incident could’ve been an inside job.

“If it had been a case of outsiders coming in and breaking and entering, I’d have alerted you to be on the lookout and lock up everything. According to our very helpful Sheriff Lt. Arnoldi, that appears to be an inside job,” the statement (via Page Six) read.

However, there was no mention of how Ellen DeGeneres must have felt following the terrifying incident. As such, part of the tabloid’s claims may have been made up.

Ellen, Portia divorcing over comedian’s Hollywood career?

This isn’t the first time that Star concocted a dubious story about DeGeneres and de Rossi. Last year, the tabloid claimed that the couple was fighting over DeGeneres’ Hollywood career.

De Rossi, allegedly, demanded DeGeneres to quit Ellen Show so that they could relocate elsewhere. The comedian, allegedly, told her friends that she was ready to retire, but she suddenly had a change of heart.

The Scandal star, allegedly, saw her wife’s sudden one-eighty as a betrayal. And de Rossi, allegedly, asked for a divorce.

However, these claims are incorrect. After all, Ellen DeGeneres and de Rossi are still together today. And they haven’t also relocated.

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