Ellen DeGeneres fighting for professional career, doesn’t get along with other A-listers?

Ellen DeGeneres fighting for her professional career, doesn't get along with other A-listers?

Ellen DeGeneres will still be hosting Ellen Show next month amid the recent criticisms.

However, three executive producers from Ellen Show were fired this week. According to New Idea, Ellen DeGeneres is fighting for her professional career in the hopes that she won’t get fired.

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t get along with everyone in the industry?

A source told the tabloid that DeGeneres’ viewers are not happy with the recent allegations. After all, they think that the comedian is not that kind. However, she has been encouraging her audiences to be kind to one another.

Even though DeGeneres has a lot of close friends in the industry, the tabloid claimed that she also has a lot of enemies.

“Her viewers feel lied to with her quirky, chirpy comedy act and pretending she’s mates with all these celebs. It couldn’t be further from the truth,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres doesn't get along with everyone in the industry?

Other talk show hosts criticized

However, the tabloid also said that DeGeneres isn’t the only talk show host who has earned a negative reputation.

“Talk show hosts treating their staff like [expletive] seems to come with the territory. Ellen isn’t the first to get called out and she certainly won’t be the last,” the source said.

The tabloid claimed that Oprah Winfrey wasn’t also a warm and fuzzy boss to her former employees. She, allegedly, asked her staff to sign NDAs. And they aren’t also allowed to chew gum in front of her.

This claim is the exact opposite of what has been said about Ellen DeGeneres. According to reports, the comedian has a bowl of gum outside her office because she doesn’t like talking to people with stinky breaths.

Former The View host, Rosie O’Donnell has also earned the reputation for, reportedly, being demeaning and abrasive. According to TMZ, O’Donnell used to have predictable and regular tantrums on the set of The View.

Ellen DeGeneres, Wendy Williams’ alleged feud

Wendy Williams was dubbed as a diva, a hypocrite, and a selfish individual by her staff. They are, reportedly, used to walking on eggshells whenever she’s around.

“You couldn’t contact her directly. Only certain staff members could talk with her… It was a nightmare work environment,” a source said.

Last year, National Enquirer claimed that Williams started a feud with DeGeneres.

After the latter won the People’s Choice Award for Best Daytime Talk Show of 2019, Williams sarcastically congratulated DeGeneres.

“Congratulations, Ellen, you won again,” she said.

A source told the tabloid that Williams talks trash about Ellen DeGeneres every time she gets. However, the comedian and Williams have never addressed the allegations.

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