Ellen DeGeneres furious with Grant Denyer following low ratings of ‘Game of Games’: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres is, allegedly, furious with Australian TV star Grant Denyer.

According to New Idea, Ellen DeGeneres isn’t happy with how the Australian version of Game of Games went. Denyer hosted the program, and it was axed due to low ratings.

Grant Denyer allegedly received all the blame for the low ratings of ‘Game of Games’

A source told the tabloid that Denyer personally felt the wrath of DeGeneres and her production team when he hosted the game show in 2018.

The insider claimed that DeGeneres is putting all the blame on Denyer because she knows that she has a massive following in Australia.

As such, the comedian doesn’t understand why the Game of Games didn’t receive high ratings.

“Ellen never gave him a personal call, I don’t think, but the feedback was filtered down and made very clear – she was not impressed. I bet Grant has some stories to tell about Ellen!” the source said.

Grant Denyer allegedly received all the blame for the low ratings of 'Game of Games'

Ellen DeGeneres, staff allegedly worried about her reputation

The insider also said that DeGeneres and her team were so worried that the ratings for Game of Games in Australia would affect the funny woman’s reputation.

“She is very protective of her brand and was super annoyed at the ratings. She knows that she has a strong fan base in Australia and hated that this reflected badly on her,” the source said.

However, Denyer has yet commented on the issue. As such, no one knows what happened between the host and Ellen DeGeneres behind closed doors.

Neil Breen details a bizarre encounter with Ellen

What is true is that a lot of people have come forward with their harrowing experiences with DeGeneres.

Former Today executive producer Neil Breen revealed that he also had a bizarre encounter with Portia de Rossi’s wife in 2013.

Breen said that when DeGeneres visited the program, she and her team controlled everything.

The executive producer also said that they were advised not to talk, approach, or even look at DeGeneres.

‘Ellen Show’ toxic work environment claims

Breen’s revelations coincided with the other claims made by former Ellen Show staff. They said that during the briefing, producers of Ellen Show informed them to not talk to DeGeneres.

While speaking with BuzzFeed News, 10 former employees also claimed that there was racism, bullying, and sexual harassment on the set of the talk.

Following the allegations, DeGeneres released a statement saying that she will become more involved backstage.

Ellen DeGeneres also apologized to her former staff. However, some accused her of being a phony.

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