Ellen DeGeneres gets called out following snide comments about Meghan Markle

Ellen DeGeneres previously made snide comments about Meghan Markle after the latter’s engagement to Prince Harry was announced.

On the Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres referenced Markle’s gig on Deal or No Deal. She said that Prince Harry would’ve walked away with millions of dollars if he chose a different briefcase model.

Ellen DeGeneres shades Meghan Markle

Back then, Markle held on to briefcase number 24. But it is unclear if she ever held on to the $1 million grand prize in her briefcase.

But DeGeneres’ comment suggested that it was the other briefcase models that had the $1 million prize in their briefcases.

Portia de Rossi’s wife also weighed in on Markle marrying Prince Harry and joining the royal family.

“We finally got someone on the inside, you guys!” she said.

Ellen DeGeneres gets called out over her snide remarks

Even though DeGeneres made her snide comments about Markle three years ago, her statements made headlines again amid the ongoing criticisms she’s been receiving.

On Twitter, a slew of critics also slammed the comedian for what she said about the Duchess of Sussex.

“Ellen DeGeneres is the most brutal example of how everyone throws stones at you when you go down. Every day, there is a new story about her. ..Here is the one where she makes a brutal joke aimed at Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry,” Twitter user @Fereeha said.

“This COVID was too brutal for Ellen,” Twitter user @shahzi007 wrote.

“So?? I quit watching @TheEllenShow long ago when I saw how mean she was to her guests and laughed it off by making jokes or snide comments ~ sure she has helped people but at what cost, being a joking bully ~ Hard Pass,” Twitter user @RunninDoe said.

The comedian claimed Meghan Markle adopted a dog because she told her to

The comedian claimed Meghan Markle adopted a dog because she told her to

Ellen DeGeneres once again talked about Markle on Ellen Show on another occasion. She said that she was the one responsible for Markle’s dog getting adopted at the shelter.

“She adopted a dog, ’cause I told her to.’ I don’t even remember the story, but she does. And obviously she does whatever I tell her to do!” she said.

Portia de Rossi’s wife wanted to attend Prince Harry’s royal wedding

Two years ago, DeGeneres also urged Markle to invite her to her and Prince Harry’s royal wedding.

“So, Meghan, if you’re watching, I have something else to tell you. Invite me to that wedding. And instead of plus-one, I want plus-400. I want all these people to come, too,” she joked.

However, Ellen DeGeneres was never invited to the couple’s nuptials.

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