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Ellen DeGeneres grateful to wife Portia de Rossi for staying amid controversy


Ellen DeGeneres has been facing a lot of criticisms amid the lockdown for allegedly being mean to her fans and crew, so she is thankful to her wife, Portia de Rossi, for staying.

Ellen DeGeneres has been spreading good vibes on TV by presenting a kind and generous aura to the audience. However, several individuals stepped out and said she was very different in person.

Ellen DeGeneres thankful for wife Portia de Rossi

As the criticisms against Ellen DeGeneres pour down, there is one person who remains by her side. Portia de Rossi stays with her through the storm and the TV presenter is thankful for that.

“Ellen’s so grateful to have Portia in her life as a soulmate and a sounding board, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy,” an insider told Us Weekly.

“Their home life is strained right now. … Her real friends never ask her to be funny or tell jokes. They accept her as is.”

Ellen and Portia’s divorce rumors debunked

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been rumored to be on the verge of divorcing. Apparently, those claims are not true.

Last year, NW claimed that DeGeneres was in love with Aniston ever since they first met 30 years ago. An insider alleged that the TV host “has always had the hots for Jen.”

DeGeneres’ thing with Aniston reportedly made de Rossi jealous especially that she had always been insecure about their marriage.

The rumors about DeGeneres and Aniston started when the pair kissed on The Ellen Show. The kiss was nothing more than a joke with the two laughing after the smooch.

There were also claims that de Rossi was leaving DeGeneres for a man. In contrast to such claims, the Scandal star is staying amid DeGeneres controversy.

DeGeneres already at the end of her rope

The source also said that Ellen DeGeneres was already at the end of her rope. The host thought that the criticisms would stop. However, it continues with more and more people calling her out.

For instance, many pointed out how she accused Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson of not inviting her to her birthday party. Johnson insisted that she sent an invitation and one of the producers, Jonathan Norman, confirmed it.

In January, the Ellen DeGeneres Show host also irked the netizens when she joked that quarantining in her $27 million mansion felt like being in jail.

Many didn’t found the joke funny at all. For them, it was very insensitive, especially that many were struggling in their tiny homes while on lockdown.

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