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Ellen DeGeneres has one of the ‘single biggest egos’ in Hollywood: report


Ellen DeGeneres, reportedly, has one of the single biggest egos in Hollywood.

While speaking with Pop Culture, celebrity brand expert Eric Schiffer also said that the criticisms surrounding Ellen DeGeneres are true.

Schiffer claimed that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic shed light on the kind of person DeGeneres really is. And this, according to the celebrity brand expert, is the worst thing that can happen.

“It revealed who she is to the world, first through how she treated her staff and eviscerating them from the payroll of, in most cases, during a time in which people could barely pay the rent if they didn’t have a position; and two, many leaked and let the truth out who had been holding back… It allowed others to feel emboldened and free to speak the truth about the Ellen DeGeneres that they see, which is the single biggest phony in the history of modern Hollywood,” he said.

Schiffer said that one of the things DeGeneres had going for her brand was that she seemed nice, sincere, down to earth, and heartfelt. After all, authenticity is what draws fans and audiences to their idols.

However, one source came to Portia de Rossi’s wife’s defense recently. The insider told Us Weekly that it would take more than a bodyguard and a blogger to change the public’s perspective on the comedian.

How can Ellen DeGeneres address the criticisms?

But Schiffer thinks that the criticisms surrounding Ellen DeGeneres won’t end anytime soon. And Schiffer also said that the host will continue to get hammered. DeGeneres might also have to look at herself in the mirror and decide to humble herself.

The expert also suggested how the funny woman could address the issue to help reaffirm her character.

“’I’ve had moments where I wasn’t the best or I didn’t treat people the best, or I’ve had bad days, and I own that. I want to do something about it. I’m really working on it, and I care about my staff, I made a bad mistake in letting people go during this period [and] I’m trying to make that right,’” Schiffer said.

Portia de Rossi supports her wife

Amid all the backlash that DeGeneres is facing, there’s one person who continues to stand by her side. A source told Us Weekly that DeGeneres is grateful to have de Rossi since things haven’t been easy.

The friends of Ellen DeGeneres have also been showing her their support. They, allegedly, don’t ask her to be funny or to tell jokes during this difficult time.

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