Ellen DeGeneres improves ‘Ellen Show’ staff morale with new perks, mantra, apology

Ellen DeGeneres tried to turn all the negativity against her and Ellen Show around this week.

According to Variety, a teary-eyed Ellen DeGeneres managed to boost her employees’ morale following a series of blows in recent weeks.

Ellen DeGeneres issues another apology to ‘Ellen Show’ staff

DeGeneres also apologized to her staff. And she told them that she only found out about what’s been going on behind the scenes after reading the publication’s article.

According to the report, Ellen Show producers Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner also told employees that they would receive additional perks. This includes increased paid time off and liberal medical policy.

Ellen Show employees will also receive five additional paid days off that they can use at their discretion. During the meeting, the producers also told their employees not to be afraid.

Ellen DeGeneres issues another apology to 'Ellen Show' staff

Production set to resume soon

Following the recent updates and apology at the virtual town hall, the rehearsals for DeGeneres’ spinoff show, Ellen’s Game of Games, has also resumed.

Portia de Rossi’s wife will also return to host Ellen Show starting next month.

However, it is unclear how long DeGeneres will be able to maintain the positivity around her. Tabloids have long been accusing her of being a horrible boss.

Ellen DeGeneres dubbed as a horrible boss

Star said that Ellen DeGeneres laid-back. But she also tends to take out her frustrations on her staff.

“She hates delays and she hates not being fully informed about guests or skits. But she doesn’t want too much unnecessary information. Basically, it’s a no-win situation. If you mess up or piss her off, you may as well quit,” the source said.

DeGeneres has also earned a reputation for being a mean girl and a bully. In March, comedian Kevin T. Porter exposed the dirt on the funny woman. He also encouraged other people to share their traumatic experiences with DeGeneres.

Is the comedian touchy towards her staff?

Several individuals came up with shocking allegations against de Rossi’s wife. And one of the most recent accusations has to do with DeGeneres, allegedly, being “touchy” towards her staff.

As of late, DeGeneres has not responded to the accusations against her. As such, it is unclear if they are true or just based on hearsays.

But Ellen DeGeneres took the initiative to immediately apologize to her employees after they complained about the toxic work environment on set. Shortly after, three producers were fired from the show.

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