Ellen DeGeneres ‘lied’ to ‘Ellen Show’ guest about paying for her college tuition

Ellen DeGeneres 'lied' to 'Ellen Show' guest about paying for her college tuition

Ellen DeGeneres has interviewed thousands of celebrity and non-celebrity guests on Ellen Show.

Amid all the criticisms that she’s been receiving, BuzzFeed News compiled some of the most awkward and controversial interviews by Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres makes false promises to guests

Years ago, the comedian, reportedly, interviewed a struggling college student. The young woman had been donating blood for six months to help pay for her tuition.

Initially, DeGeneres was touched to hear the student’s story so she told her that Shutter Pay, one of the show’s partners will help pay for her tuition.

However, it was evident that Portia de Rossi’s wife got the information wrong. A producer whispered in her earpiece and told her that they will only be giving the student a computer.

‘Ellen Show’ producers lied to guests

During another episode of Ellen Show, the funny woman told her audiences that they will be receiving a free CD of Flo Rida. But the taping for the episode wrapped up and they never received the CD.

“I went to a taping of Ellen and they announced, ‘Everyone here will get a copy of Flo Rida’s new album!’ But when the show was over they said, ‘We actually don’t have any CDs to give you, so thanks for coming.’ I am willing to tell my story to an investigator if it’ll help,” Facebook used Jeremy Wilcox wrote.

Ellen DeGeneres mocks fans' tattoo, gift, old photos

Ellen DeGeneres mocks fans’ tattoo, gift, old photos

Ellen DeGeneres also humiliates some of her guests on the show. For instance, there was a time when she made fun of one of her fan’s tattoos. The ink on the fan’s body features DeGeneres’ face.

It was evident that DeGeneres wasn’t impressed with how she looks like on the tattoo.

“I have no words for that one,” she said on Ellen Show.

DeGeneres also mocked one of her fans’ gifts, which is a painting of her and her wife, de Rossi. The comedian talked about the gift in the segment “Ellen Reviews Fans’ Really Bad Gifts.”

“This is called ‘Ellen and Portia #10. It took 10 tries, but they finally got it,” she said.

There were also several instances wherein DeGeneres showed compromising photos of her guests without their knowledge. For instance, she previously showed an embarrassing photo of one of her fans from one of her nights out with friends.

Ellen DeGeneres is slated to return to Ellen Show this week. And there are reports claiming that there will be changes in the talk show. But it is unclear if this means that she would no longer humiliate her guests.

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