Ellen DeGeneres loses her temper, becomes mean while playing poker?

Ellen DeGeneres loses her temper, becomes mean while playing poker?

Ellen DeGeneres, allegedly, loses her temper while playing poker with her friends.

According to Radar Online, Ellen DeGeneres loves inviting A-listers to her home to play poker. And the comedian is, allegedly, very serious about the game that she becomes mean every time she loses.

“Ellen’s very serious about the game. When she loses her temper, people are terrified. Ellen is extremely selective about who she invites to the table. But once you’re in, you’d better be ready to handle her massive mood swings,” the unnamed source said, as per Radar Online.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly embarrassed a poker player at her home 

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly embarrassed a poker player at her home

During one of their poker games, one of the players, allegedly, had a hard time keeping up with the high-stakes pot so DeGeneres became enraged. Initially, the Ellen Show host was clowning around and making everyone laugh.

But a few minutes later, she snapped and suddenly became mean to everyone.

“Ellen started raging at this person — even accusing her of ruining her game! The energy around the table was very tense. Ellen threw a tantrum, and her screams echoed through the halls as frightened guests looked on in sheer disbelief! It was like watching a Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde transformation. She really became a monster. It was truly terrifying!” the source said.

The guest, allegedly, decided to flee the scene to prevent any further embarrassment from the funny woman.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly has mood swings

Radar Online has been publishing stories about Ellen DeGeneres’ mood swings and mean personality for years. Two years ago, the tabloid said that a lot of DeGeneres’ staff quit the talk show because of her behavior.

“They’ve been trying to organize people willing to confront Ellen about her dictatorial ways and appeal to her better nature. They’ve even discussed a staff walkout! The sad truth is that Ellen is nothing like the adorable lady she appears to be on TV! The stakes of playing poker with her will probably be too high to keep this game going!” the source said.

The comedian is dubbed as the ‘Queen of Mean’

Back then, not a lot of people believed the allegations against Portia de Rossi’s wife. But this year, more and more people have come forward to share their negative experiences with DeGeneres.

The mean girl allegations have become so bad that three executive producers on The Ellen Show addressed the claims that there’s a toxic work environment on set.

As of late, Ellen DeGeneres has not yet responded to all the criticisms thrown at her. But she continues to host the Ellen Show and try to still make her avid supporters laugh.

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