Ellen DeGeneres lost more followers compared to other celebrities in 2020 after controversy

Ellen DeGeneres lost more followers compared to other celebrities in 2020 after controversy

Ellen DeGeneres lost more followers on social media compared to any other celebrities this year following the controversy in her show.

Ellen DeGeneres has been plagued with various controversies this year. In March, several netizens called her out for being mean. A few months ago, several former and current staffers came forward and complained about the toxic workplace. Due to these, DeGeneres lost tons of followers.

Ellen DeGeneres lost thousands of followers

Ellen DeGeneres is very popular due to her show that promotes kindness. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been on the air for 17 years already, so DeGeneres having millions of followers isn’t surprising.

But she lost thousands of followers this year alone. Many came forward earlier this year and revealed that they had a not-so-kind encounter with DeGeneres.

The complaints from the staffers also made the matter worse, resulting in DeGeneres losing followers on her social media accounts.

The talk show host lost 545,000 followers on Instagram and over 612,000 on Twitter, Metro reported.

Twitter users unfollowed Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres’ show wasn’t canceled despite the complaints from the staffers. The host and producers assured the staff that they would be more responsible and would give them a friendly and healthy working environment.

However, some fans were turned off by the controversy and decided to just unfollow Portia de Rossi’s wife.

“I never thought I’d see the day where I would unfollow ellen deGeneres,” one tweeted.

“My mom just asked me how to unfollow Ellen DeGeneres on Instagram. #thisisquarantine,” another wrote.

“oh I forget to unfollow you thank you for reminding me with this tweet. bye,” one commented and many agreed by writing, “same.”

Another said DeGeneres wasn’t a nice person after learning about the controversies involving the show. The netizen said she doesn’t want to see or hear about DeGeneres and even hoped that her followers would unfollow the host and stop watching her show.

Ellen slammed on Twitter

Meanwhile, several slammed Twitter last month when The Ellen DeGeneres Show season 18 premiered. Many viewers were not impressed with the way she apologized to the audience and staff because she peppered it with jokes, which was normal for the host. But many didn’t like it because, for them, the issues were too serious.

“Ohh look out ..the old wolf in sheep’s clothing is back.. you haven’t changed at all …. your only sorry caus you got called out,” one commented.

But some also defended DeGeneres. For those who have been following the host, her statement was genuine because that’s exactly who she is. She didn’t pretend to be anyone else by inserting humor in her statement because it was natural for her.


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