Ellen DeGeneres matches mood with different Porsche cars: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres owns several cars, and there are rumors that she matches her mood with her vehicle’s color.

Ellen DeGeneres has a lot of money to own several Porsche cars. A post on Twitter claims that she has various Porshe available in different colors and uses one that matches her mood.

Ellen DeGeneres matches her mood with her cars

Ellen DeGeneres has been plagued with a string of controversies. A few months back, many came forward and shared their not-so-kind encounter with the popular host.

Last week, The Ellen Show was subjected to an internal investigation after several employees complained about its toxic workplace.

Screenshots shared on Twitter claimed that she owns Porsche of different colors to match her mood.

“No lie. This is true. She has a different color Porshe’s for her moods,” the message in the first screenshot read.

“If she came in her red one she was pissed and everyone was like a f—. Lol I live down the street from the studio and worked for post production. Anon!!!”

“OMG that is f—— next level savage. Matching ur car color to ur mood. Was blue good mood?” the recipient replied.

“Haha good question! Not sure because I never heard or saw a blue one! but I just know red and black were not the happy colors.”

Ellen and her dark blue Porsche

The second screenshot showed another story about DeGeneres and her Porsche. There was a meeting on the WB lot when an intern or PA came running and shouting, telling the people to move.

“Everybody move she’s not gonna stop,” the intern said.

DeGeneres reportedly arrived in her dark blue Porsche. The recipient confirmed the story by asking another source.

“I sent him a screenshot of the color story you posted, he confirmed that her Porsche that day was dark blue. Not sure what that means,” the recipient replied.

DeGeneres quitting or not

An insider claimed that Ellen DeGeneres considered quitting because she felt betrayed after negative stories about her leaked.

A different source added that it would not be a problem if she left her troubled show. DeGeneres has a lot of money and could still live comfortably even if she stops working for good.

Meanwhile, a PR expert suggested that DeGeneres take a break from her career and leave her troubled show. In this way, she could still save her career.

“She’s always going to have a cadre of fans that will remain loyal to her and I’m sure she’ll find ways to market it,” Eric Schiffer, Chairman of Reputation Management Consultants.

“But I think after being bashed in the teeth and dealing with a hail of fire coming from Warner, she’ll want to be dark for a while. I’m sure she’ll slip back into Santa Barbara and lick her wounds and wait for another opportunity when all this dies down.”

Image used courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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