Ellen DeGeneres ‘mean girl,’ ‘bully’ claims sparks conversation about double standards

Ellen DeGeneres 'mean girl,' 'bully' claims sparks conversation about double standards

Ellen DeGeneres recently addressed the toxic work environment claims on Ellen Show during the premiere episode of the program.

However, the way she talked about the issues was did not sit well to a lot of people. Some of them accused Ellen DeGeneres of making fun of other’s negative experiences on set. Others also said that the comedian just apologized in public to protect her brand.

Why everyone should leave Ellen DeGeneres alone

But according to The Guardian journalist Arwa Mahdawi, it’s about time for everyone to leave DeGeneres alone. After all, she has already apologized publicly.

“It pains me to come to the defense of an obscenely wealthy and often irritating celebrity, but the vitriol that has been directed at DeGeneres over the past few months has been a little much,” she wrote.

Is the public celebrating Ellen’s downfall?

The journalist also said that it’s a struggle to shake off the feeling that a lot of people seem happy that a gay person is finally getting her comeuppance.

“While there were lots of serious complaints about bullying on her show, there also seemed to be a lot of disgruntled men who were annoyed that DeGeneres wasn’t as nice to them as they thought she should have been,” she wrote.

The journalist cited one complaint last summer, where a former bodyguard for Ellen DeGeneres claimed that the comedian didn’t even acknowledge his presence.

Ellen DeGeneres sparks double standards conversation 

Ellen DeGeneres sparks double standards conversation

Mahdawi said that unwarranted rudeness should never be excused. However, one should also acknowledge that women are held to a very different standard, unlike their male counterparts.

“Not being nice 100% of the time is a cardinal sin when you’re a woman and entirely unremarkable when you’re a man. Again, I don’t think we should condone DeGeneres’s behavior but we should absolutely put it in perspective. The moral of this is: be kind – and carry on thinking about sexist double standards,” she concluded.

‘Ellen Show’ ratings revealed

Following the premiere episode of Ellen Show, there was, reportedly, a spike in the ratings for the program. During the final episode from last season, there was, reportedly, a considerable drop in the ratings for Ellen Show.

But according to Neilsen, the premiere episode received a 1.9 rating, which is the same ratings for the 2019 premiere.

According to Variety, the premiere episode also scared a 0.9 rating, which is its highest since the 2016 to 2017 season.

Ellen DeGeneres also returned to the second episode of Ellen Show this week, where she interviewed Alec Baldwin.

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