Ellen DeGeneres ‘mean girl’ memes takes jibe on Portia’s wife

Ellen DeGeneres has been accused of being a mean girl and her critics have created memes to take a jibe at her.

According to Film Daily, the “me on Ellen” memes on Twitter are hilarious. The memes feature Ellen DeGeneres talking to her guests on the Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres memes

One of the memes was on flooding and it features a conversation between DeGeneres and another person.

In the meme, DeGeneres tells the other person that she heard she loves the ocean, and the person that she’s talking to says yes. The studio then starts flooding and the person says, “omg Ellen you didn’t.”

Ellen and ‘Mamma Mia’ memes

Another meme revolves around the hit movie, Mamma Mia. DeGeneres tells the person that she’s talking to that she heard she loves Mamma Mia. The unnamed person says yes before three men with a paternity test walkout.

At the bottom of the meme are the words: “omg Ellen you didn’t.”

One Twitter user uploaded a screenshot from Time about DeGeneres explaining why Donald Trump isn’t allowed on her show. Portia de Rossi’s wife previously said that the POTUS is against everything that she stands for.

The comedian gifts Melania Trump with a golden stroller

At the bottom of the screenshot is a photo of the golden stroller Ellen DeGeneres gave Melania Trump following the birth of her son, Barron Trump.

While speaking with People, the FLOTUS reacted to DeGeneres’ expensive gift.

“It’s fun. It makes you laugh,” she said.

Back then, DeGeneres faced a backlash for her present. But her supporters said that she made the gesture as a joke.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly feuding with some celebrities

Ellen DeGeneres’ cat lady remarks

Meanwhile, the fourth meme revolves around cats, which DeGeneres loves. The comedian asks a guest on the Ellen Show about her love for cats.

“I heard you like cats,” DeGeneres says.

“Omg Ellen you didn’t,” the guest replies.

“No, I didn’t. You’re 36 and single are you trying to die alone?” DeGeneres says in the meme.

According to Film Daily, the statements in the meme are some of the things that DeGeneres has told her guests. And they are, reportedly, mean.

DeGeneres is still making headlines for, allegedly, being mean. However, she has not responded to any of the criticisms.

The comedian has been accused of trying to fire a waitress for having chipped nail polish. Ellen DeGeneres was also accused of requiring all the people that she speaks with to chew mints.

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