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Ellen DeGeneres mocked in a hilarious SNL skit using Drew Barrymore’s character


Ellen DeGeneres was mocked in a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live using Drew Barrymore’s character.

Ellen DeGeneres was allegedly mean, according to several individuals who had a terrible encounter with her. SNL made subtly touched the rumor in a comical skit featuring Drew Barrymore.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly mocked

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the allegations that Ellen DeGeneres is mean. A few months back, several came forward and called out Ellen for allegedly being mean.

SNL briefly showed the rumor in its skit featuring Chloe Fineman as Drew Barrymore. Fineman role played as Barrymore while hosting her new daytime talk show.

“There is a new face in daytime,” a voice-over said per Independent per Independent.

“After seeing what went down with Ellen, we took a hard turn in the other direction.”

Although Ellen was mentioned, the whole sketch was more about Barrymore who launched her own talk show last month.

Barrymore approved the sketch

Drew Barrymore watched SNL, and she loved what she saw on the show. In fact, she applauded Fineman for playing her character on the show.

The Charlies’ Angeles star has been watching the show. She found it fun to watch her being parodied on the show.

“@nbcsnl and @chloefineman is the greatest thing. I have loved SNL for as long as I know, and to also have @DrewBarrymoreTV brought to the party is so fun,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Honored to be apart of it . PS #DREWSNEWS hearts #WEEKENDUPDATE” – @DrewBarrymore.”

Ellen’s mean reputation

Meanwhile, due to the various reports alleging Ellen DeGeneres is mean, one called her the “Queen of Mean.” Kate Prince, an established lifestyle and entertainment writer, came up with the moniker due to the countless complaints against the host.

In March, Kevin T. Porter also stated a thread on Twitter encouraging others to share their mean experience with DeGeneres.

He offered to match each story with a $2 donation to LA Food Bank. The thread received several responses.

One said she created a bust of DeGeneres when she was 15 and sent it to the host. She worked so hard on it and even included a letter for DeGeneres. Then, she found it on the show. DeGeneres used it a prop in a game and gave it away to a random person with $500 attached to the bottom.

Meanwhile, another claimed to have a friend who worked for Ellen for a number of years. The host allegedly wanted to “push your buttons until you cry. She likes to make people cry.”

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