Ellen DeGeneres: Nacho Figueras calls out other celebs to support host

Nacho Figueras expresses his support to Ellen DeGeneres, and he even calls out other celebrities to do the same.

The famed polo player calls the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Michelle Obama to show their support to Ellen DeGeneres amid the rampant accusations made against her and her show. He also drops the names of Pink, Sean Hayes, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Justin Timberlake.

If that’s not enough, he says others who should be on his list, which described to be “very long,” to come out and talk about the 62-year-old host’s greatness.

Figueras defends DeGeneres

“We love Ellen right?” Figueras wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram.

Also known as the David Beckham of polo, the 43-year-old star described Portia de Rossi’s partner as a “great human being.”

“I have been patiently waiting for someone with more authority than me to speak up about what a great human being @theellenshow is,” he said. “I have been very lucky to be on that show many times, and I can tell you that it is a very well-run machine.”

He went on to say that everyone on the Ellen set was super friendly, not just to him but to anyone involved. “I have seen Ellen act not just in her show but in public appearances,” he added.

Figueras revealed she saw her being nice in theaters, from the guys serving coffee to the elevator operators to the security guy to the venue’s owner. He even said that everyone loves DeGeneres for making the “world a better place” for people through her show.

“I stand for you my friend and I challenge all the amazing people that know you and call you a friend to say who you are,” he dared. “The world has become a very dangerous place because it seems that we cannot make anything right.”

Figueras seemed to show he’s ready to be criticized for defending DeGeneres, who he thinks deserves to be protected. “We are all so scared to say what we really think, and it seems that we are only relevant if we say whatever the trending social media topic is,” he concluded.

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I have been carefully reading all the comments that my last post generated. I knew that there was going to be a lot of controversy which I was ok to deal with because I thought that it was important to show support to my friend at a difficult time. A friend that publicly addressed the matter and its working towards finding out what happened and fixing the problem. I don’t know about you but I know I have made many mistakes in my life. I try to learn from them and I truly look for forgiveness and working towards being a better human being. That’s what being a human is all about. Social media is a doble edge sword that has become an evil voice. One day we love someone for the many amazing things that person does and the next day we kill them without even checking the facts. I continue to believe that standing for those that we love and respect is a very important aspect of humanity and that we don’t have to loose our COMMON SENSE. Most things are not black or white. Judging is something that we shouldn’t take lightly. We must be responsible for our acts and what we say and no one seems to be hold accountable for the atrocities and hate that you find in social media. Finally say that any part of what I said in my previous post disregarded the feelings of the people and their experiences. I also learned a lesson of how we must never stop paying attention to those around us. It is just that we must fix problems with love love and more love. Like my good friend always says “be kind to one and other” ❤️

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Other stars who supported DeGeneres

The Black Watch Polo Team member is not the first celebrity who showed his support to DeGeneres. Talent manager Scooter Braun and DJ Samantha Ronson also defended the comedian on Twitter, Us Weekly noted.

Of course, de Rossi showed her love and support for her partner in a post on Instagram and said, “I Stand by Ellen.”

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