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Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey at war over Meghan Markle’s affections, tell-all: Rumor


Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are, allegedly, fighting over Meghan Markle.

Just recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex bought a house in Santa Barbara. And Ellen DeGeneres and Winfrey are just two of their A-list neighbors.

Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey outdoing each other for Meghan Markle

Since DeGeneres and Winfrey live close to Markle and Prince Harry, the talk show mavens are, allegedly, competing for the Sussexes’ affections. Unfortunately, the Suits alum can, allegedly, see right through what they are doing.

“She’s getting fed up with having to make sure she treats them equally and feels they’re squabbling like children. They’re trying to outdo each other with flashy gifts and invitations. Oprah’s sort of winning the battle as she’s good friends with Doria. Ellen’s trying to get her own back by hooking Meghan up with acting opportunities,” the source told Woman’s Day.

Oprah Winfrey helped Meghan Markle, Thomas Markle Sr. fix their issues?

Rumors about Winfrey and DeGeneres fighting over Markle have been rife for years. However, the previous rumors had to do with Markle’s alleged tell-all.

Two years ago, Woman’s Day claimed that Winfrey was trying to help Markle mend her relationship with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.

“Oprah has got involved in helping Meghan work things out. And her magic seems to be working because Thomas has calmed down and he’s taking calls from Meghan for the first time in weeks,” a source said.

Winfrey also, allegedly, invited Markle and Thomas to go to her house in Santa Barbara for a peace summit. Two years have passed, and it’s common knowledge that the Duchess of Sussex and her dad are still estranged.

Ellen DeGeneres scored a tell-all interview with Meghan Markle?

In February, the same tabloid claimed that Winfrey was furious after learning that Ellen DeGeneres will be interviewing Markle. A source from Ellen Show claimed that the comedian was in talks to interview Prince Harry’s wife.

“Oprah thought she was a shoo-in to get Harry and Meghan’s first sit-down. She’s working with Harry on a production about his mental health stuff and went to great lengths to befriend Meghan’s mom. But if Ellen really has got this interview, it’s all for nothing,” the source said.

However, six months passed, and DeGeneres hasn’t interviewed Markle. As such, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

Ellen DeGeneres and Winfrey aren’t also fighting over Markle’s affections. The talk show mavens could have very different relationships with the Sussexes.

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