Ellen DeGeneres paranoid, jealous of Kelly Clarkson replacing her talk show: rumor

Ellen DeGeneres is paranoid that Kelly Clarkson would replace her as the latter continues to outdo her in terms of ratings, according to a report.

Ellen DeGeneres is paranoid that Kelly Clarkson would replace her as the latter continues to outdo her in terms of ratings, according to a report.

Ellen DeGeneres returned to her show and will be back again for another season after the toxic workplace allegations. However, the talk show host was allegedly not happy with Kelly Clarkson’s continued success. And she was allegedly paranoid of Clarkson potentially replacing her.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly worried and paranoid

Globe published a report with a headline that read “Kelly’s Making Ellen Paranoid!” It alleged that DeGeneres was jealous of Clarkson as her talk show rival.

Portia de Rossi’s wife was also afraid that Clarkson might replace her when her contract runs out in 2022. The tabloid claimed that DeGeneres “spies” over Clarkson’s rocketing ratings as she deals with the toxic workplace scandal that hit her last year.

DeGeneres was annoyed seeing Clarkson leading the ratings, according to an anonymous insider. The Emmy award-winning host allegedly suspects that Clarkson has been bad-mouthing her behind her back.

“She figures Kelly’s been social climbing and knifing her in the back for months. She suspects Clarkson has merely been training for a shot at Ellen’s cushy time slot,” an anonymous tipster said.

The outlet added DeGeneres was surprised about the alleged stabbing because she thought Kristen Bell was her biggest threat. Bell taking over her show bothered DeGeneres, and the thought of Clarkson stealing her audience made her livid, the source continued.

The whole ordeal allegedly made DeGeneres a “walking time bomb.” Her assistants were walking on eggshells around her, and her goal was to take Clarkson down, the report added.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and pointed out that the rumored beef and drama between the two hosts were not true. National Enquirer also published a similar report but pointed out that Kelly Clarkson taking over Ellen DeGeneres’ time slot had been denied by a pal close to DeGeneres.

Globe has a history of publishing false reports about DeGeneres. It previously insinuated that DeGeneres’ marriage to Portia de Rossi was affected by the scandal involving the host.

However, the report was also not true. Portia de Rossi remains solid to his wife. She was there for Ellen at the peak of the toxic workplace allegations, and she never left her.

Portia even voiced her support to her wife on Instagram. She shared a snap on the social media platform with the message that read, “I Stan by Ellen.” She also acknowledged their fans and thanked them for supporting them.


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