Ellen DeGeneres pushed waiter’s head into boiling soup: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres pushed waiter's head into boiling soup, tracks gifts she gives to fans: Rumor

There have been tons of rumors surrounding Ellen DeGeneres. She has also been accused of, allegedly, being mean hundreds of times on social media.

However, one of the most absurd claims surrounding Ellen DeGeneres had to do with her alleged altercation with a waiter.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly a mean girl

In March, fellow comedian Kevin T. Porter asked people to share their negative experiences with DeGeneres. And there was one person that accused of DeGeneres of pushing a waiter’s head into boiling soup.

The alleged incident occurred after the waiter bumped into DeGeneres. And there were claims that Portia de Rossi’s wife just lashed out at the waiter for such a trivial reason.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly a mean girl

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop confirmed that this story, allegedly, involving DeGeneres is fictional.

But the rumor-debunking site acknowledged that some of the allegations against the comedian seemed much more realistic.

One waitress previously said that she almost lost her job because of DeGeneres. The Ellen Show, allegedly, saw that the waitress’s nail polish was chipped while she was serving her food. DeGeneres complained to the restaurant manager, and her boss scolded the waitress.

There’s a toxic work environment on ‘Ellen Show’

Months after several people came forward with their negative stories about DeGeneres, former Ellen Show employees also shared their grievances. They told BuzzFeed News that there’s a toxic work environment on the Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres apologized to her former staff and said that she would become more involved with the production. She also vowed that her employees would never experience bullying, racism, and harassment on Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres slammed on social media

However, the funny woman’s apology didn’t stop her critics from lambasting her on social media. One of them claimed that DeGeneres sent her camera crew to the homes of fans that received gifts from her.

“Not long ago, Ellen found out audience members put gifts like bikes up on eBay and sent camera crews to their homes and demanded to know why. Where does she get off controlling what people do with things they received? She’s a tyrant, control freak, and mean! BYE!” Twitter user @ScottCh00861805 said.

Twitter user @ScottyNo_ said that the criticisms surrounding DeGeneres shouldn’t come as a surprise to others.

“You all surprised that Ellen DeGeneres is mean behind closed doors never seen her game show? She revels in torturing people. It’s right there in front of you lol,” he said.

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