Ellen DeGeneres quitting ‘Ellen Show’ amid ‘mean girl’ criticisms, contract issues rumor debunked

Ellen DeGeneres quitting 'Ellen Show' amid 'mean girl' criticisms, contract issues rumor debunked

Ellen DeGeneres has been rumored to be quitting Ellen Show long before allegations that she’s a mean girl and a bully came to light.

According to National Enquirer, Ellen DeGeneres will no longer return to Ellen Show after the previous season because her contract would’ve already expired. But as what her fans already know, a new season of Ellen Show just premiered. And DeGeneres is still hosting the program.

Ellen DeGeneres taking on new projects after quitting talk show

After claiming that DeGeneres’ contract won’t be renewed, the tabloid seemingly made it look as though there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. They said that losing her hosting gig means DeGeneres could take part in new and more interesting projects.

Shortly after DeGeneres was criticized for, allegedly, not being kind, for being a mean girl, and more, the same tabloid claimed that these are grounds for her possible termination.

Ellen DeGeneres quitting 'Ellen Show' in 2022

Ellen DeGeneres quitting ‘Ellen Show’ in 2022

New Idea also echoed the other tabloid’s claims by saying that DeGeneres will bid Ellen Show goodbye in 2022.

previously claimed that DeGeneres didn’t wait to get axed from Ellen Show. Rather, she decided to just quit the program altogether after she was accused of being mean.

Portia de Rossi’s wife couldn’t, allegedly, take the criticisms. As such, she, allegedly, figured out that she should just stop hosting Ellen Show.

Kristen Bell will host ‘Ellen Show’

And since Ellen DeGeneres was rumored to be quitting and Ellen Show isn’t going to be canceled, the tabloids came up with possible replacements for the comedian.

One of their favorites was Kristen Bell. A tabloid claimed that the producers of Ellen Show are grooming Bell to replace DeGeneres. After the Frozen star appeared on Ellen Show, everyone couldn’t, allegedly, stop talking about her.

From there, the tabloids threw around the names of Chrissy Teigen, Neil Patrick Harris, James Corden, and more. However, none of them replaced DeGeneres because she’s still hosting the talk show.

Rumors debunked

When the tabloids first published their stories about DeGeneres quitting the program, Gossip Cop took the time the debunk their claims one by one.

This week, the rumor-debunking site revisited all the rumors about the comedian quitting the Ellen Show to prove that none of these claims are true.

In fact, her contract was recently renewed. And if she decides to one day quit Ellen Show, this will entirely be up to her.

Ellen DeGeneres also made headlines recently after Saturday Night Live mocked her recent apology. Drew Barrymore was tapped to participate in the hilarious skit.

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