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Ellen DeGeneres receives flak on social media after debuting new hairstyle


Ellen DeGeneres received a slew of criticisms on social media over her new hairstyle.

During this week’s episode of Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres debuted her new slicked-back hairstyle. Several fans of the comedian couldn’t help but liken her hairstyle to Portia de Rossi’s hairstyle from years ago.

Ellen DeGeneres new hair criticized

Before debuting her new hairstyle, DeGeneres rocked her usual blonde hair that was parted on the side. However, not everyone was impressed with her new look.

“Is she auditioning for Alice in the Brady Bunch sequel? Separated at birth – Ann B. Davis and Ellen DeGeneres?” Twitter user @SportsJefe81 said.

“I see she went with Vince McMahon,” Twitter user @DoctorHotdogs said.

“Looking like Bill Simmons,” Twitter user @TopherJames5 wrote.

“Ellen broke ground for a lot of people. But it’s time she disappears into one of her ridiculously over-sized mansions,” Twitter user @Qwerty_McIntire said.

“She became an out of touch millionaire, whose ‘comedy’ was to appear nice while being mean. She made being queer palatable by making her show as hetero-normative as possible,” Twitter user @CryptidFluffy wrote.

“This should definitely help her bounce back from that ‘cold and mean’ image thing,” Twitter user @breaksYcakes said.

“She looks like she’s about to host The Hunger Games,” Twitter user @SwolPolicyWonk said.

Ellen DeGeneres shares hair mishap story

This isn’t the first time that DeGeneres sported a new hairstyle. Last year, she filmed an episode of Ellen Show with blonder and shorter hair after a disastrous dyeing situation.

“When you have short hair, you have to color it often, cause my hair grows really fast. So, I’m constantly coloring it, so it always looks different when you watch the show — sometimes it’s a different tone,” she said.

The comedian’s hair loss struggle

But after going through several processes to improve the appearance of her hair, Ellen DeGeneres just had enough. She said that her hair almost looked like the pride flag and it was also severely damaged.

“My hair was falling out. Like literally, I would touch my head, and hair was falling out. I think my hair was so embarrassed, it didn’t want anything to do with my head and said, ‘I’m getting out of here. My hair couldn’t take anymore. Literally, I can’t touch it. I can’t wash it. I should be fine if I don’t blink or sneeze,” Ellen DeGeneres said.

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